Activate Love with Imagination Wisdom

Our Emotions, when in LOVE are the most beautiful gift we for-give ourselves and others. Today Emotions are at their happiest in the Internal Kingdom, healed in Faith and now presented to LOVE and BE-LOVE … we are called to Love Emotion with Imagination, that’s Wisdom! When Wisdom receives healed Emotions, Confidence is at HIS peak. So.It.Is

You may feel being drawn into the drama of Earth Kingdom emotions today, it is natural. Each person you are connected to comes to you wanting to Inhale and Exhale their emotions with YOU and through you heal themselves. This could be counter productive or temptation to have you step in and receive their emotions as a way of self healing. If you are a healer, a listener, a practitioner or an emotional support, today is a day to notice their “demands” of you and on you for their release, pray for Imagination Wisdom to raise your confidence. Not a day to stray energetically.

Not saying, don’t love or don’t do anything for anyone, just listen to the advice that comes from within about a certain situation and the more impatient you feel, the more important it is to PAUSE. Remember, You are transforming. Remember, Energies are transiting through you and you are be-coming, the Eternal Light VISION, the Temple of Trust.Joy.Clarity of Thought.Emotion.Action. .Today as Love Imagination fills Wisdom with the NOW Thought.Emotion… Confidence Awakens to Fatherhood of the Emotion on the Earth Kingdom, till now he was fully in his Masculine energy, today he becomes emotional about fatherhood. This is the grand GIFT of ACTIVATE LOVE.

You are going to see a rise in Masculine stepping into the role of Fatherhood in the Earth Kingdom like Imagination has in the Eternal wholly supporting Forgiveness, Love has in the internal wholly supporting Faith. Power/WhollySpirit has in the External wholly supporting Gratitude, today, Confidence wholly supporting Wisdom as she receives the EMOTION of the KnewParenting Blueprint, this time, with the WHOLLY SPIRIT of masculine in union, raising them WITH HER instead of her raising them on her own and him using them to expand his kingdom.

This is a BIG moment for all of you breathing in the Earth Kingdom… “Thy Will BE Done enters a KNEW DIMENSION”. YOU are going to witness and live and be a testimony of the raising of children by both parents!


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