Activate Faith with Imagination Love

Emotions are resting in Love today, Faith holds them in her heart, they are watched over by Love and through Love, the masculine receives the emotions through Love. So.It.Is.

Gratitude places her Children today in the Temple of Trust with Joy and Clarity to Inhale Wisdom and Exhale Confidence, and with Thought.Emotion. Action Exhale Wisdom and Inhale Confidence with Imagination Love as their Father in Faith. So.It.Is. In this way Politics-Gratitude, Money-Wealth, Brain-Mind and Masculine-Feminine are raised in Gratitude with the Internal Kingdom … Remember, Earth Kingdom is the manifest of the energies in Union Eternally.Internally.Externally with Wisdom and Confidence.

Gratitude, breathes with Wisdom & Confidence, and with each breath she breathes, the Earth Kingdom receives the WHOLLY SPIRIT of Emotion, the Power is restored and re-enters the Earth… Waters are being Raised in Gratitude Wisdom, Blood is being restored with Gratitude Confidence and the wholly spirit is moving through Gratitude as she breathes He breathes with her and through her… and when you are in Gratitude, He breathes through you too!

Faith Speaks:

Emotions are perfect.whole.complete within themselves and are Feminine Energy. Any ACTION taken while in the EMOTION is HOW the Masculine expresses himself. You must learn to FEEL the EMOTION, wait till the emotion passes before acting, in this way, you are fully living the balance of Feminine and Masculine. The issue is, that   majority of the Earth Kingdom, are taught, either or, instead of balance between. You cannot ONLY inhale or ONLY exhale, without ONE the other is INCOMPLETE, in the same way ONLY thought only emotion isn’t healthy, yet, when you’re having a thought, acknowledge the thought, pause, then acknowledge the emotion, pause, ONLY then can you ACTION from thought love and experience Power Action or Emotion faith and experience Power Action.


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