Activate Power with Imagination Gratitude!

with the activation of the Earth Kingdom, you have entered the NOW. Remember, Earth Kingdom is where you are the center of the vibrational movement, energy-motion (Emotion), Feminine. So.It.Is

No-thing is masculine, nothing is feminine is the paradox we’re living and learning to #Raise. (Just love this line… pretty infinite, really, so am keeping it, for the Trust.Joy.Clarity it emits)

Embrace your Emotions, they are LOVE’s way of living. Embrace your Emotions, they are THOUGHT’s way of living. Embrace Emotions, they are BRAIN’s way of MIND-fullness.

Embrace your Emotions, they LOVE POWER of living. Embrace your Emotions, they are THOUGHT ACTION way of living. Embrace your Emotions they are MIND POLITICS way of MIND GRATITUDE-fullness.

Inhale Wisdom Exhale Confidence, for-giving for-getting in-to the rhythm of life. This way you allow the Eternal.Internal.External kingdom to COMMNICATE with YOU, in YOU, through YOU for-giving and for-getting the How’s (Love & Faith) and the Why ( Power Gratitude) of living the Earth Kingdom life you have been for-given for-getting.

We inhale wisdom for-getting we exhale confidence for-giving, ourselves PURPOSE, Divine Purpose. Earth Kingdom, is what we create through Forgetting our Divine Forgiving Eternal Light GLORY! So.It.Is

Power is WHOLLY SPIRIT of GRATITUDE E-Motion (Energy-Motion) between the Eternal-External-Earth Kingdom frequencies manifest in the FLESH for the expansion of Eternal Light through the Internal Kingdom. So.It.Is

Don’t worry if you don’t understand this immediately, just write it somewhere, where you can re-read this when YOU are ready!

When Thought and Emotion or Love and Faith, or Brain-Mind and Money-Wealth are in alignment… magic & miracle… is a way of life!


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