Activate Forgiveness with Imagination Faith

Activate Forgiveness : For-giving For-getting – Imagination Faith. Keep the flow of breath focused on Inhale Wisdom Exhale Confidence in this way, you are preparing your-self for the experience of Action. You are encouraging the transformation of the Earth Kingdom with Wisdom-Confidence by acknowledging their presence. Knewmerology of today is potent Monday: Forgiveness Date: 15 Imagination Faith and 1+5=6 is Gratitude. Three Mothers breathing Imagination into the 4th Mother, we met yesterday and her children. The 4th Mother is now transforming from her old patterns into the NOW with Gratitude … who has now been anointed Mother of the External Kingdom, to raise the vibrations of Politics.Money.Brain.Masculine in balance with Gratitude.Wealth.Mind.Feminine so as to restore the balance on Earth, without interfering with “free-will” or “Choice”.

It is recommended, that you hydrate (Faith Water) and keep your Blood flow in check (likely chances of Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar or other blood related “dis-ease” is bound to show up, remember, the external kingdom shifts are raising is impacting the Earth Kingdom and that is HOW the foundation of the KNEW EARTH has begun resonating. It is a natural follow through of the Now Balanced Eternal.Internal.External vibrations. The old patterns have been dissolved by Wisdom-Confidence now coming into attunement with Eternal Light Vision. When the Mother and Father of the Earth Kingdom are Inhaled and Exhaled… remember, not everyone will read this post… so only they who are choosing to step into the Knew Earth will read this and when they breathe… even though they may be a handfull… are power-filled/Activated. So.It.Is


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