Activate Power is Us with Imagination Power

Masculine energies celebrate #MothersDay in the realms. Gratitude get’s her GIFT, this is her FIRST Mother’s Day, she is declared the Mother of the External Kingdom. So.It.Ist

Meet The Mothers!

Eternal Kingdom : Mother Forgiveness: Power Love Confidence (Masculine) unto them she added her-self (Feminine) with Faith, Gratitude, Wisdom So.It.Is

Internal Kingdom: Mother Faith : Trust.Joy.Clarity.Water unto them she added her-self Thought.Emotion.Action.Blood So.It.Is

External Kingdom: Mother Gratitude : Brain.Politics.Money.Masculine unto them she added her-self Mind.Gratitude.Wealth.Feminine So.It.Is

Earth Kingdom : Mother Wisdom : Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest unto them she added her-self Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution So.It.Is

Today, you are given to recognise the 4th dimension the Earth Kingdom and the children of the Earth. It is only possible, I hear them tell me, that the Earth is revealed when the Eternal.Internal.External are in the fullness of their union … every vibration is an emotion every emotion is Feminine till she surrenders to Forgiveness and her masculine is revealed unto her… that she may step in Forgiveness Womb, Birth with Faith, Raise with Gratitude and Evolve with Wisdom. So.It.Is

Yesterday with Activate Prayer much happened in the realms really, Gratitude was For-given her CHILDREN, she attained mother hood of vibrations and in acknowledging so, these vibrations experienced BELONGING, till NOW Gratitude was RAISING her-self into the fullness of her-self with the Eternal and External Kingdoms. Now with Raising Brain.Politics.Money.Masculine… she is ANOINTED Mother and of herself- she has added unto them Mind.Gratitude.Wealth.Feminine… completing them and this completion ACTIVATES Mother Wisdom of Earth Kingdom.

Earth is the Evolution of Confidence and Wisdom in Union. Yet, they cannot be re-introduced till the external kingdom was restored and be-came WHOLLY SPIRIT vision of Eternal Light: Imagination.Power.Love.Confidence expand through the Forgiveness Womb of Thought, Faith Birth of Emotion, Gratitude Raised in Action, Wisdom Evolved Blood and Water birthed Masculine and Feminine (Created Man and Woman. So.It.Is)

This is the FOUNDATION of the KnewEarth Emotion So.It.Is

Inhale Wisdom Exhale Confidence So.It.Is


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