Activate Prayer with Imagination Embrace

Dear God, I am worried about (describe the situation) and I can’t handle this alone. Here God, please take these worries and let me know what action I need to take . . . and then please give me the courage and support to take that action: Doreen Virtue

When you Activate Prayer you activate your Internal Kingdom to the presence of the Eternal Kingdom support… “Imagination Embrace”, feel surrounded shielded by Eternal Light… that is HOW heaven embraces you. WhollySpirit of Gratitude is awakened and you RECEIVE Trust.Joy.Clarity in Thought.Emotion.Action So.It.Is

Gratitude is Us: Internal Kingdom, Prayer: Eternal Kingdom, Power is Us External Kingdom… so you may understand better.

When we activate prayer today, we’re raising ACTIVATE Gratitude is US to Imagination Embrace, that all the energies, may receive Eternal Light and be transformed. YOU ARE opening your AWARENESS to the Emotion. Emotions are being healed. The Masculine is “making room” for HIS Feminine or HIS EMOTION as part of his HOW. This is a global transit, the body, rests, all that is ACTION is EMOTING and HOLDING the DOMINANT vibration. The Eternal Light vibration balances all that is Masculine and Feminine today. Healing the EMOTION and allowing the NOW vibration of Trust.Joy.Clarity merge/union with Thought.Emotion.Action, yes, focused on the Feminine. Remember, Imagination is Masculine … Embrace… is PowerGratitude Power is External Eternal and Gratitude is Internal Eternal. We are in the days of Imagination (10th-19th) of Emotion as given to us in the beginning of the month as part of the Energy of May. So, YOU are working with Imagination Emotion or Masculine Feminine or Imagination of the Emotion. This weekend, THOUGHT and EMOTION are coming together to RAISE Forgiveness Action week beginning on the 20th… phew!

What a lot is taking place, thought-emotion is coming together… with the Activate Gratitude is Us into Activate Prayer into Power is Us… so on Monday, we’ll Activate Forgiveness for Emotions Passed, manifest evolution of Emotions NOW and the Feminine Energies begin to Trust.Joy.Clarity with Thought.Emotion.Action balancing our lives and the planet into the Emotion of WHOLLY SPIRIT GRATITUDE!

This way, the EMOTIONS are recognised as WHOLLY SPIRIT, nothing physical. Detachment from THINGS will occur as we learn to ACKNOWLEDGE our FEELINGS first, things as a result of our feelings… for so long… we’ve lived the OTHER WAY AROUND!


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