Activate Gratitude is Us with Imagination Forgiveness

Wow! Today is a blessing we didn’t expect and as we receive (breathe in) we give (breathe out) we be-come the manifest evolution of the Internal Kingdom, isn’t that wonderful.

The Us of Faith: Trust.Joy.Clarity in Union with the Us of Thought.Emotion.Action breathing with Politics.Gratitude, Brain.Mind. Money.Wealth as YOU Activate Gratitude is US with Imagination Forgiveness. Gratitude is filling Us with all we need to Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest with Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution through ConfidenceWisdom filled with ImaginationForgiveness or more clearly the calibration of ImaginationConfidence and ForgivenessWisdom … the HOW’s are Love and Faith and the WHY is WhollySpiritGratitude driven. Embrace the Alchemy … of the Masculine Feminine. So.It.Is

Imagination Forgiveness

  1. Eternal Kingdom: Eternal Light of Trust.Joy.Clarity
  2. Internal Kingdom: Imagination Forgiveness of Thought.Emotion.Action
  3. External Kingdom: ConfidenceWisdom of Brain-Mind.Money-Wealth.PoliticsGratitude

Activate Gratitude is Us:

  1. Eternal Light Love: Trust.Thought.BrainMind
  2. Imagination Forgiveness Faith: Joy.Emotion.MoneyWealth
  3. Confidence Wisdom Power: Clarity.Action.PoliticsGratitude

Imagination Forgiveness (Imagine For-Giving For-getting)

  1. Remember, we’re in the 10-19th days of the Month led by Imagination
  2. The key to raising Gratitude is Us is Emotion
  3. Emotion is Faith filled HOW with Love Thought. So.It.Is
  4. Faith is WATER
  5. Emotion is strengthened by the Joy you feel when Money-Wealth is in balance with Thought & Action.
  6. Right now, focus only on your EMOTION, this is the BIG shift of perspective.
  7. This weekend, Emotion Joins Thought and they are the HOW of the NOW!
  8. Alchemy is: Trust.Joy.Clarity welcome Embrace: Thought.Emotion.Action
  9. EmbraceAlchemy, Activate Gratitude is US: Trust.Thought, Joy.Emotion, Clarity.Action.
  10. For-Giving Brain For-getting Mind
  11. For-Giving Money for-getting Wealth
  12. For-Giving Politics for-getting Gratitude
  13. The Us expands again with today’s ACTIVATE the UNION of Thought.Emotion preparing to ACTIVATE ACTION (20-29th May)
  14. It is time to LOVE money-wealth, it is time Faith-fill Brain-Mind that ACTION may be raised into the NOW!

You are CALLED … by the vibration of your name (good time to find out what vibration your name holds) to BE the NOW. It isn’t common knowledge yet, however, I would encourage you to engage with Knewmerology too… step into the basics of Divine Vibrations of Numbers and how to energise your Emotion by changing the THOUGHTS you now practice with them.


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