Activate Love with Imagination Confidence

Activate Love: Thought: Brain-Mind faculty into understanding and learning all it needs to know about Emotion/Feminine Action/Masculine.


“You don’t need to be miserable,” says Love “ Yes, I agree, that you have been trained to “feel” miserable, to attract attention of others. Misery, Tragedy, Pain… is how the Feminine has been treated and so, how you’ve experienced her and practiced her. Ever noticed that you have a CROWD feeding, adulating, feeling your pain, expanding it to draw attention, hold attention. In your world, brain, politics, money have been used to CREATE MISERY, with a Divine Purpose to UNITE people. Once the pattern is SET, it is easy for them to communicate “MISERY” and call you to SERVE in the name of ERADICATING the Misery. However, anything that you DO in the VIBRATION of MISERY also has created a BENCHMARK for HOW to get ATTENTION of the collective vibration of HUMAN”

“he words you USE become the words that USE you. Consider this, if you  chose ME in every Thought, your BRAIN would stream LOVE and your MIND would receive LOVE and there would be so much LOVE on the PLANET. If you see the CONTRADICTION through LOVE you’d be able. You are ABLE and you CAN (Metaphorically, why Adam and Eve had two children)… Remember, they, you, I, Heaven… are vibration FIRST and it is not the other way around.

When you ACTIVATE Love you expand imagination with confidence. Confidence that you are here for a purpose. You are here to share your experience of heaven on Earth and evolve Earth in accordance to HEAVEN’s PLAN.

Masculine chose ACTION, because EMOTION cannot survive on HER OWN, she needs to connect her-self to ACTION for her to experience practice the emotion. ACTION on the other hand, just acts upon thought and does not require emotion. this you can experience with the cut-throat competition for the attention of the collective. People sell, because the act of sale gives them Money and Power. They are not concerned with the Emotion of the product, they use the LACK to project the product. So.It.Is

When the MASCULINE experience HIS EMOTION… that is the AWAKENING… you see people turn their lives around… that is when they experience an EMOTION and their ACTION surrenders to the EMOTION and they allow the EMOTION to guide their THOUGHT and ACTION. Very interesting observance.


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