Activate Faith with Imagination Eternal Light

If the emotions are brimming, it is only Natural, today, Imagination is streaming EL… with Faith… it’s a full moon (time to re-lease), surrender to the NOW! There is much being activated today, let it flow, remember, YOU ARE an instrument of Eternal Light, focused on the planet with a Divine Purpose. YOU ARE here to choose, dominant vibrations for the process of Evolution.

Yesterday, the Masculine Energies of the EXTERNAL have stepped into the GIFT of WHOLLY SPIRIT Power with Confidence. He, is POWER and POWER is NOW … WHOLLY SPIRIT. So we’re set to experience Emotion shifting into balance with Action over the next 9 days, breathe out, the effects of the “patterns”, you are able to see your patterns with Trust.Joy.Clarity… amplified by Activate Faith today. Re-Lease, for-giving for-getting, till you STOP the OLD patterns you cannot STEP into the KNEW patterns of Imagination EL.

Imagination HIMSELF, today, streams NOT HIS OWN LIGHT/THOUGHT/EMOTION/ACTION, today, HE is through transference with WHOLLY SPIRIT/POWER and CONFIDENCE, being present for Forgiveness Wisdom (Fullness of the Moon) stepping in clearly with HER to SHIFT the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS of Masculine, Feminine and UNION of the Masculine/Feminine into BALANCE. These NEW energy unions are expansive, since they’ve never been paired this way before. The basic structure of HOW is transformed through this process.

We see the emergence of ImaginationConfidence, ForgivenessWisdom, PowerConfidence, GratitudeWisdom, FaithWisdom, LoveConfidence breathe KNEW ENDINGS into the PASSED, shifting perspectives… opening the Masculine perspective of Emotion. Faith, over the next 9 days also aligns Money traditionally masculine to come into WHOLLY SPIRIT balance with WEALTH, Brain to come into WHOLLY SPIRIT balance with Mind and most critically for the NOW of the planet Politics comes into WHOLLY SPIRIT balance with Gratitude.

The emotional healing begins today with the Full-Moon… significant, because, today’s energy has much to do with CHANGE in the Divine Guard and the USHERING of the NOW of the Emotion of Masculine and the Beginning of the Feminine surrender to ACTION, which she will experience and practice through being in breath with her masculine side as she watches him transform to “make room for Emotion/Her/Feminine as part of HIMSELF not separate from HIM”, she learns the art of ACTION in union with Emotion. When Emotion/Feminine and Action/Masculine come into balance, there is a CONSCIOUS shift in HOW and WHY… or in other words an Increase in the WHOLLY SPIRIT/POWER of Love & Faith (HOW) and Gratitude (why) on the planet.

How to take care of YOU and WHY you must:

  • Your BRAIN-MIND union assists you Emote and Act. Love and Faith stream HOW’s and Gratitude streams the WHY’s through Trust.Joy.Clarity.
  • WHOLLY SPIRIT of YOU, allows you to abundantly feel your DOMINANT VIBRATION, BREAKS PATTERNS, you clearly make choices that are vibrationally attuned to the HIGHEST GOOD OF THE PLANET
  • Your Brain-Mind, Money-Wealth, Politics-Gratitude is now WHOLLY SPIRIT and so, detached from the EXTERNAL PRESSURE demands of your energy and now WHOLLY SPIRIT connected to ALL THAT IS.
  • You are called to a deeper surrender to FILL, Activate, Re:Channel your NOW with the DIVINE expansion. It is an expansive day, to extend yourself to MIND over MATTER.
  • Feel your emotions deeply and allow other people too to feel their emotions deeply. There is NO limit to the ACCESS of the DIVINE today
  • If you have a DIS-Ease… step in… NAME it… SURRENDER it to BALANCE  with Trust.Joy.Clarity
  • Trust.Joy.Clarity… step in and are declared “Divine Balance”

Divine Balance, just received this as the GIFT of the Full moon today. Budh Purnima, is also today (Read up about Gautam Buddha and HE will share WITHING you the DIVINE BALANCE He received, he meditated upon for HIMSELF first, before becoming the EXAMPLE of the NOW of Buddhism. Beautiful to understand his LIFE and his CHOICES and HOW following his CHOICES led him to BE …. WHY we remember HIM TODAY.


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