Activate Power with Confidence

He awaits her, his heart is open with Confidence. He becomes Wholly Spirit Power to “make room” (Activate) her presence in him. Not in a way that is just for a moment, a minute, an hour, a day, a month or a year. He opens his heart, his eternal heart, wholly spirit and she “feels” her home is HIM. In Him and With Him… this is HER confidence in the NOW!

Faith, increases her ability to FEEL the greatest gift of all LOVE. Love is HOW, Love is HOW he chose to “Activate” Emotion. Every Emotion begins with Thought, thought is LOVE and when Love is THOUGHT, the BRAIN makes room to LOVE the mind, as SHE is. Power makes room to Home Gratitude, HE has chosen her, the Emotion, to re-store himself and her. So.It.Is

Confidence isn’t as practiced “being right”, Confidence in HIS eternal know, is the EFFECT of ALLOWING what is DIVINELY right to OCCUR. Confidence is the Balance between the Right Brain and Left Body and Left Brain and Right Body and So.He.Is here now, breathing out the WHOLLY SPIRIT upon all the MASCULINE awakening him to the EMOTION of the FEMININE. Causing him to Re-Think and Include her WHOLLY SPIRIT within Himself. He does not have to do it alone. He does not have to wait for her HEART to choose HIM or Her Emotion to choose His Action. He has chosen her EMOTION within Himself that she may be IN HIM as HE IS in HER… WHOLLY SPIRIT. So.It.Is

The beauty of the day is Forgiveness streaming with wisdom with WhollySpirit Confidence, for the first time… Masculine Complete in his CONFIDENCE awakens to Emotion and he sees her WHOLLY SPIRIT Power with Gratitude. He makes room to LIVE her in HIM-self. This is the beginning of the Knew Earth as you will come to SERVE HER!

Power as a WHOLLY SPIRIT vibration, shifts perspective from the Visible External to Vision External. You are going to see CREATION in its WHOLENESS… In the IMAGE and LIKENESS of the DIVINE ETERNAL LIGHT VISION… You are TRANSFIGURED… as this TRANSFIGURATION is unfolding as YOU write.

Feminine Energies: Now, FREE to experience the Masculine in his wholeness within her. Feminine energies, have been taught to be submissive to masculine energy, with a purpose during the masculine era called Earth. It is a myth, that the earth is HOW she is NOW is HOW SHE WAS MEANT TO BE. She has RE-Modeled herself many times over, each time to accommodate the masculine vision of Earth. She has allowed him to rule her and ruin her in the process of serving him, without question… she has allowed him to steal her of her wealth, mind, gratitude… that HE may be exalted. She gave him the place of Eternal Light Imagination within her, and birthed the Earth as HE perceived FIT in accordance to HIS vision. She saw herself, his HOW and WHY … till she depleted her-self to please HIS “I” or “eye”.

And then there was the awakening of Gratitude into the NOW, Gratitude was prepared by Divine Eternal to make her presence felt, she lived serving him, loved serving him, till one day she remembered who she was  (Love and Gratitude) and remembered WHY she was (Power/WhollySpirit) here and FAITH became her Power re:mind:her (reminder)… Faith taught Gratitude what she KNEW… and what she is meant to do and re-stored her. Forgiveness, knew it was time… the WOMB was ready to DELIVER Gratitude unto the External to restore “Thy Kingdom COME Thy WILL be DONE” … and so HERE WE ARE

Masculine Energies: It has taken years of restoration for this blessed moment to occur and concur with the SHIFT. It has occurred before, deep gratitude has been here before, she chose “Your WILL be DONE”… Gave the Masculine ALL OF HER… to LOVE. Raised LOVE and that is WHY today, we’re experiencing HIM in a whole knew way. So.It.Is

Imagination.Power.Love Divine Eternal Masculine in flow with Imagination Confidence… awakening healing the Masculine through WHOLLY SPIRIT POWER… The WhollySpirit power of Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest … receiving … Wholly Spirit Gratitude (Power Gratitude) into HIMSELF as a SIGN to the FEMININE that HE IS READY to NOW serve with HER in HIM.

Power and Confidence…open the gateway today for the streaming in of Activate Faith with Imagination Eternal Light… tomorrow… also a full-moon… which is Forgiveness Wisdom streaming down on Earth… Faith declares Trust.Joy.Clarity … the PATH… of Balance… it is in the Temple of Trust, that both Masculine and Feminine receive EMOTION, money-wealth balance… through “Gratitude”… remember… Wholly Spirit Gratitude is the BIG ENERGY STORY… so when the MASCULINE is DRENCHED in the WHOLLY SPIRIT today, HE becomes AWARE of Gratitude… the ACTIVATE of LOVE:THOUGHT:Brain-Mind completion … Your BRAIN is NOW OPEN to RECEIVE the NOW of the KNEW EARTH FOUNDATION

Let there be LIGHT!


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