Activate Forgiveness with Wisdom

Activate For-giving and Forgetting Wisdom. Wisdom of all that THOUGHT provokes you to THINK. In all that you think, wisdom will show you what you can THANK for. Today we make room for Gratitude… The wisdom of her Presents.Presence.Present. It is time to re:evolve HOW and WHY we use our THOUGHT to create balance (Thought.Emotion.Action) the Eternal.Internal.External Kingdom.

Today Forgiveness Wisdom activates Gratitude in the External Kingdom, there will be much for you to Thank.

Activate Forgiveness with Wisdom:

  • Manifest Evolution by stepping into the Evolution For-giving For-getting
  • Know Courage that when you For-give you for-get that is only natural
  • Masculine: Right and Feminine:Left body wise is balanced with Masculine:Left and Feminine right Brain wise
  • Forgiveness Wisdom, is the “root chakra”, so you may want to read up about that today, to expand your activation
  • Give the Feminine permission to RESPOND to the MASCULINE, step into the wisdom of your place in the Divine Masculine heart. Remember, He is stepping into Emotion this week, he’s opening HIS heart and making room for Feminine energy.
  • The Masculine, created to breathe physical is acknowledging emotion to accommodate the feminine, seek wisdom to understand and step back, do not offer masculine ADVICE Embrace your MASCULINE with Emotion. Try and MIRROR his EMOTION, don’t make it about your-SELF, not the TIME, you already ARE EMOTION… he is learning to LOVE Emotion, that he may LOVE you
  • How do you know your MASCULINE is opening up, HE is going to be noticing a lot of GRATITUDE… the Masculine energy is attracted to BEING GRATEFUL… you’ll catch him getting all EMOTION about LIFE… is a GOOD SIGN, his heart has made ROOM for Gratitude.
  • Focus on the LOVE you feel for HIM, that is HOW HIS GRATITUDE is AMPLIFIED and STRENGTHENED, remember, Love and Gratitude are Twins, one is not without the other. Reminding you that LOVE is Masculine and Gratitude feminine.
  • When Forgiveness with Wisdom is activated, TRUST.JOY.CLARITY increase the Emotion and Action in balance with Thought.
  • For-giving For-getting Thought. For-giving For-getting Emotion For-Giving For-Getting Action is WISDOM in a sentence… and this way FAITH pours this WISDOM into Trust.Joy.Clarity
  • Wisdom activates the Masculine Earth Energies: Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest with ImaginationConfidence of ForgivnessWisdom
  • Wisdom activates the Feminine Earth Energies: Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution with “The masculine heart is now open, has made room for Gratitude, prepare yourselves for HIS heart to RECEIVE you as YOU ARE the WHY of HIS choosing to “make room for Gratitude”, that through For-giving For-getting Gratitude he may be healed into wholeness
  • Activate Forgiveness also ripples the expansion of Power… WhollySpirit Power… she declares, to ensure that they who receive… shall know, that Power is WHOLLY SPIRIT, that you may be wise not to mistake the “temptation of external Power”, which is rampant right now

Sending you Activate Forgiveness with Wisdom …. with Trust,Joy.Clarity… for YOU ARE the NOW, every energy is awaiting permission of for the healing of Thought from External to Internal … So.It.Is

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