Activate Power is Us with Love

We know, Love is Masculine, has taken all thought under his wings and we know that Love has filled Brain with  “You are the centre point of communication for the person not the people/places/things the person serves, it is now time for you to love the person you are. So.It.Is”

Love speaks:

Thought is the communication between kingdoms here in the Divine. So.It.Is. In your human self, thought is communicated by the brain in your being, to the rest of the body of your Being … Human. The brain, has been functioning, to serve Adam (Masculine) and so, has been receiving pre-dominantly that which serves the purpose of Adam, with the incident in the Garden of Eden, which is truly metaphorical “transfer of power” from Divine to Human… that Human may “seek the kingdom of Eternal Light again”, to seek the awareness of the presence within, now that HIS first communication is impacted by the external kingdom. So, in simple terms, that is the day of the establishment of the EXTERNAL KINGDOM, when Thought breathed and communicated based on the physical environment, wants and needs, every vibration Masculine and Feminine served the external Kingdom, internally they provided the How’s and Why’s and So.It.Is. Look around you, that is how every detail functions on your planet. Every detail worked for the Eternal Kingdom, through the Internal Kingdom and be-came a reality of the External Kingdom. This was #Growth of Eternal Light Kingdom on Earth as it is in the Divine. Heaven is the Kingdom of Eternal Light, all vibrations, just vibrational and created to serve… vibrational expansion itself. So.It.Was, So.It.Is and So.ShallItBE!

Every tiny detail is WHOLLY SPIRIT, LOVE, IMAGINATION brought forth through Forgiveness (Womb) Faith (Water) Gratitude (Blood). So.It.Is

Faith Speaks

Trust is WHOLLY SPIRIT, Joy is WHOLLY SPIRIT, Clarity is WHOLLY SPIRIT  and Love and I are the HOW of the communication. They are ACTIVATED us on the planet, so when you are THOUGHT, all energies communicate with you in thought. Thought is Love and so all the vibrations communicate Love. When Brain is Love-filled, the brain communicates LOVE and every cell in your being, returns to POWER/WHOLLY SPIRIT vision of the Eternal Kingdom. This is the MIRACLE of the month of ACTIVATE FAITH really. The NOW is communicating with YOU and YOU ARE the NOW of the Eternal Kingdom when your Internal Kingdom is filled with Trust.Joy.Clarity.

Today’s Activate also opens the Masculine Heart to the presence of the Feminine within him. Till now, he has been pre-occupied with the Feminine of the External Kingdom, the Feminine manifest, not the Feminine energy that is the other part of himself.  The masculine energy has over the last millennium been focused on the External with a purpose, “the restoration of the Feminine”, “the awakening of Gratitude”. She is the WHY of the WHOLLY SPIRIT , FORGIVENESS, FAITH, LOVE, IMAGINATION to take charge of the Thought.Action.Emotion of the PLANET. Eternal Light Gratitude is Resurrection plan. Most people on the planet have worked and learned the premise of SEE to BELIEVE and so, the visions to MAN of God as Planned. However, it is Feminine to FEEL to believe and that is HOW the NOW is unfolding. Those, who were once called Empath’s are the Path to the Knew Earth. For they FEEL –Believe-Receive.

With the Week ahead, the Masculine Steps in with the Full-Moon Wisdom into the Emotion of Imagination Eternal Light, his heart … sees her clearly in whose heart HE is at home. His Emotion is balanced with his Action. Leading HIM is the WHOLLY SPIRIT Power of  Power & Confidence … on Tuesday “Activate Power with Confidence” … the fullness of THOUGHT activation for the MASCULINE Energies to become aware of their FEMININE within. So.It.Is

On Wednesday Activate Faith with Eternal Light and the FULL-NESS of Wisdom poured out through the MOON emptying HER-self upon the planet… increases Forgiveness – Thought of For-giving For-getting (How the masculine allows the feminine within, needs to have LOGIC to her Emotion and this is HOW forgiveness brings him LOGIC), Faith infuses him with TRUST.JOY.CLARITY of Us (Masculine learns to restore Feminine, without putting his focus on HER emotions, when he receives the EMOTION of her through the Us … his HEART becomes the Temple and she is REVEALED to him through the JOY and CLARITY of her EMOTION in HIM and So, makes ROOM with CONFIDENCE for HER. She has already INCLUDED him in her and knows HIM). It is NOW time for HIM to KNOW her and so the PATH is the NOW Us of Trust.Joy.Clarity. So.It.Is

Tomorrow, when we ACTIVATE Forgiveness with Wisdom, we are actually FILLING Wisdom in preparation for the Full-Moon Emptying with the NOW of Thought, The NOW of Brain-Mind union in Thought Love and the NOW of Politics and Money “making room for”  Gratitude Wealth… Remember also that Power/WhollySpirit Thought will fill confidence with the same UPGRADED information on Tuesday as HE leads the Masculine into the Emotion with Imagination on the 10th of May… This is dramatically shifting the results of the External Kingdom.

You are going to have a very DIFFERENT kind of week… Imagination… FEELS and this has not occurred in 2000 years, maybe even more, remember, the time-lines are HUMAN and EARTH inspired. Vibrations only know to impress the shifts in accordance to the Activations of vibrational harmonies and work with choices made by man that either make them possible or the wait upon “choice”  “free-will” to direct their attention to the NEXT leap of Faith… and they follow.

What a blessed day to breathe upon this planet and love… we welcome the WHOLLY SPIRIT inclusion in ALL THOUGHT, detaching from THINGS and attaching to the NOW thought… brain is here to work with ME for the greater vision of the Eternal Kingdom, my home, thought!


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