Activate Prayer with Gratitude

Prayer is a gift of Eternal Light, Imagination, Forgiveness. When you ACTIVATE Prayer, you are placing your Wants & Needs in the Presence of Grace. So.It.Is This is the vibration when the Eternal Kingdom reveals Purpose to the Internal and External Kingdom. So.It.Is

You are taught to pray for the world, for leaders, for them who lead religions… this is how your BRAIN has been trained to channel the Divine Energy of Prayer. Let us tell you, that most often, this is exactly the tool that keeps you RAISING their SPIRITUAL GROWTH, EMOTIONAL GROWTH and PHYSICAL GROWTH. Your BRAIN has been trained by common prayer to WORK for OTHERS, no wonder, it is famously said on Earth, that most people use but 2% of their BRAIN POWER, 98% is dormant, only because, you are not engaging the brain for the PURPOSE of YOUR OWN DIVINE RESTORATION. That is the BASIC purpose of being given an INDIVIDUAL BRAIN, that communicates FIRST with your WHOLENESS.

Activate Prayer with Gratitude that your THOUGHT may be infused with Eternal Light.Imagination.Forgiveness for the growth of your SOUL into the NOW. Since most energies are in the PRESENCE, PRESENT, PRESENTS of the Temple of Trust with Joy and Clarity, focus your attention on relaxing through the day and communicating with THOUGHT. A wonderful way to celebrate ACTIVATE Prayer is to step into silence… find ways today, to Think of all the GOOD you can Imagine and breathe For-giving and for-getting, allow the Masculine to step into Emotion. Emotion, is the DOMAIN of the FEMININE … it is NOW time to allow-abundance of Masculine stepping in, allowing HIS HEART to open and trust EMOTION again… and complete himself. The Feminine energy is non-physical and so she is able to use her emotion to lead her action (Masculine). In the case of the Masculine… Logic is HIS foundation and so, most often, HE chooses the physical manifest of the EMOTION not the EMOTION itself.

When the Masculine Heart allows Emotion, his feminine energy enables him to see creation through the Feminine. This is a major shift in the NOW. It is the month of the Feminine… yet… a greater month for the balance of the Masculine energy with the Feminine. She has awakened to herself and now, HE awakens to himself within HER and takes HIS place.

When we ACTIVATE prayer today, we’re truly activating the Masculine balance… the Feminine opens her heart to HIM and allows him in… not that HE may be HER, that HE may be HIMSELF with HER. It is also true for the MASCULINE… He NOW opens HIS HEART to HER, not that she may yearn to BE HIM, to enable her to be fully herself with him. How beautiful is this moment now. Right Now, the Masculine heart opens to EMOTION. Thought is complete when TWO parts of the WHOLE are COMPLETE within THEMSELVES and COMPLETE each other.

He is here, not to compete with HER, He is here to COMPLETE with her.

Today, the GAPS cease to EXIST between them, as they present each other in their WHOLENESS, their WHOLLY SPIRIT vision with Gratitude. Today, you are going to WITNESS the FIRST expansion of the UNION energy… the MASCULINE heart, surrenders to the EMOTIONS with GRATITUDE… For-giving For-getting…

What a power-gratitude filled day to be alive and breathing on this planet… Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS! So.It.Is

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