Activate Gratitude is Us with Faith

For-giving Gratitude is Us, For-getting Gratitude is Us with Faith! 5 days into May/Activate and you are shifting in thought with Love & Gratitude today, Love (Thought-Brain-Mind)

This weekend Friday Activate Gratitude is US, Saturday Activate Prayer and Sunday Activate Power is Us… is the weekend of “Thought: Love: Brain-Mind” COMMUNICATION into the Temple of Trust with Joy & Clarity.

Your brain-mind, follows the Eternal Kingdom Vision of the NOW into the Knew Earth, Love fills the Brain and Gratitude fills the mind and the brain “makes room” for Power.Politics.Gratitude and Faith.Money.Wealth. Your Brain allows the manifest evolution of energy to be-come his own and in this way connects with the mind in the same way that Power, Love, Faith and Gratitude have set the foundation for, today, the Brain Embraces the Mind in a way that BALANCES their approach toward each other and with every cell in your body.

You can expect, a need to rest or sleep… will feel like a lull… some of you are already experiencing this in your waking life… the need to step back and allow your brain to work with you, within you and for you. It does take getting used to, our brains have been taught and firmly so, to serve “others”. For-giving of your brain to others NOW ends, you will begin to notice that your BRAIN-Mind, speaks to you in Love with Love and as a direct impact of Love… the communication internally shifts. The EGO as we know it is the PRODUCT of the BRAIN-MIND conflict… and HOLD’s the GAP… the imbalance… the EGO stands up and acts on behalf of the Mind.

When you LIVE “Activate Gratitude is Us with Faith”… the Brain-Mind re:union gifts the EGO emptiness, nothing to store… the EGO presents itself to the Temple of Trust to be restored energetically to the NOW and is FILLED with PRESENCE, PRESENTS, PRESENTS… and Forgiveness empties the EGO. You begin seeing the world as it is NOW, not from the fears of the passed experiences.

Just to make it more real, when “Conflict of Interest” ceases to exist you are able to Emote and Act from a place of SPONTANEOUS EXPRESSION of your-self. However, when you are in “Conflict of Interest” you are oscillating between what is expected of you and why or why not, or who you must choose to PLEASE and this is when your EGO comes into play.

The EGO is activated when the BRAIN-says YES and the MIND says NO and you don’t know where to GO. The Ego is ONE who takes out the INFORMATION stored from the patterns and assists you “TAKE A DECISION”. Just so you KNOW, the EGO is activated the day you are born… for you either come as a HAPPY SURPRISE to the FAMILY or a sum-total of their Fears!

Focus your Activate Gratitude is Us with Faith… with Us of this month… May the 5D experience be be yours in Practice!

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