Activate Love with Power

You now know that Love is Thought and Action is Power. You also know that Thought:Love:Brain-Mind is the activation of the first 9 days of this month and with the Full Moon on the 10th, Activate moves from Eternal Kingdom to Internal Kingdom when Imagination activates Emotion:Faith:Money-Wealth and the month finale when Forgiveness activates Action:Power:Politics:Gratitude:in the External Kingdom.

You are accustomed to counting your blessings in the physical manifest, however, most actions are emotion based and so, MEMORIES. You are a sum total of memories of HOW YOU FELT not WHAT YOU RECEIVED! 

Power is the external divine masculine and Love is the internal divine masculine. Today, Power and Love team up… this activates “Miracles”…. activating, for-giving for-getting, the masculine aspect of forgiveness. We step into the external kingdom with this activate. the shifts are occurring at such a high levels, that everytime, there is a union in heaven, the Earth shifts realities change.

Today, the brain-mind, is activated with the “thought”… they receive the Trust.Joy.Clarity of the power-filled Love of “Dreams come true”.

Brain Speaks:

So, here is what has happened… CONFLICT between, thought and action dissolves with Activate Love with Power. You are now, I speak from the KNOW.ALLOW.ACCEPT.MANIFEST of the Accept.Knowledge union, NOW Power-Filled and Love-Activated. I now have the LOVE needed to release any passed Thought.Emotion.Action that relates to the Love and Power of the Brain-Mind on the external of Politics and Money, All our old patterns of control have now been grounded in and in this way, Love Power filled water and blood on the planet now is awakened to their Divine Purpose and so have we. I speak for the Mind and I because, she feels/emotes, my job is to action the feelings in a way that helps evolve.

Today the Earth enters a MIRACLE portal, when Power and Love step in together, worlds are created, Gratitude gets to relax into being the flow of blood on the planet and Faith gets to gets to relax into being the flow of water on the planet. Or, what you will begin to understand in the days to follow… as activations continue to show-up… Love and Power firmly become the Masculine Provision for Faith and Gratitude… this is the grand, seamlessly connecting the Internal and External Kingdom to bring GLORY to the Eternal Light Kingdom as the CHILDREN (every vibration is a child of eternal light, who have stepped on Earth to do HIS will for the Earth)

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