Activate Faith in Trust Joy Clarity

When Faith is active, the first impact is on the Internal Kingdom (you must allow us to write a post on this aspect of the Shift, it is important for you to fully receive), today you are called and qualified by the quality of inner work. We spoke with you about the Us of the transition energy Trust.Joy.Clarity… today you are given, through faith, the ability to communicate with the “Us” they ARE!

Thought (Love) enters the 3rd day of Activate today with Faith, love activates the NOW Money-Wealth restoration. Money-Wealth is the physical transaction to complete the Law of Karma (As you KNOW it), Money was formed in the womb of Forgiveness with the Divine Purpose of “No strings attached” to complete the cycle of For-giving and for-getting, keeping in focus, that not everyone will have everything and those who DO HAVE must give and to those who HAVE NOT… to close the cycle… For-giving money for-getting things and for-giving things for –getting money.

The more “things” the more money and so, in this way, the WANT of THINGS and the AVAILABILITY of THOSE THINGS being confined to a FEW, created the implosion of “I need MONEY for” and the more things that were created the more “I WANT Money for” became/becomes the focus… Your brain, begins to REMIND you each time that you DO NOT HAVE money for… and instead of indulging in creating (which is ideally why the Brain-Mind, Thought is RE:evolution-I –Sing) the very power-filled concept of Money-Wealth through Faith)

Faith restores Money-Wealth in Thought today and places THEM in the Temple of Trust, that you may breathe in the NOW MONEY-WEALTH into the Internal Kingdom/SubConscious. Referred to as #Them because… well Money is Masculine and Wealth is Feminine. Vibrationally, wealth can be vibrationally connected with ALL VIBRATIONS … wealth of Knowledge, Wealth of Talent, Wealth of Ideas… and when these non-physical (Feminine for-giving For-getting) energies meet physical Money (Masculine for-giving for-getting) their union CREATES both WANT & NEED or Demand & Supply. So, if you experience the ABSENCE of ONE… you are gifted with the PRESENCE of the other.

Somewhere between … Money and Wealth… is the NOW… when dealing with Money… metaphorically connect it with the consumption pattern of water in your life. When you compare it with itself, you are competing or oscillating between the WANT and NEED of the Vibration of Money… or the WANT and NEED of the Vibration of Wealth separately… and causing the CONFLICT of UNION. This also occurs when because the ABSENCE of ONE does not reveal the PRESENCE of the other. You were not taught so by design. That someday, today, or whichever day you choose to read this… YOUR Brain-Mind was meant to MAKE ROOM for this POWER-FILLED thought. So.It.Is

The ones who are considered RICH in your world are the ones who balance their Money-Wealth. You will, if you “read about them”, notice, that they BASIC NEEDS do not change with their physical MONEY, they use the PHYSICAL MONEY to CREATE wealth (Entrepreneurs, business, corporates, employers), they use their MONEY to BUY your TIME and focus your ATTENTION on the EXPANSION of their WEALTH! Some, souls are incarnate to fill these positions to SERVE and the awakened souls to the Money-Wealth vibration create more opportunities for those who serve to create wealth.

Each of YOU has been blessed with “Divine Wealth of Purpose”, it is only a matter of FOCUS, just “Increase the Intake of Water when working on your “Vibrational Wealth” in this way, Faith… Intervenes, through the presence of WATER to GUIDE the UNION of Money-Wealth, internally and externally.

Thought has amplified 2 major ACTIVATE : Power.Politics.Gratitude with Power Forgiveness today Faith.Money.Wealth into your Internal Kingdom.

Internal Kingdom is the Sub-Conscious, during the transit from NOW Earth to Knew Earth there are three core internal activations and the place these energies are PRESENT(Clarity), PRESENCE (Trust) and PRESENTS (Joy) is the HEART CHAKRA/Heart Centre. This space now represents the “DIVINE TEMPLE of ETERNAL LIGHT”.

So, when you Pray, imagine your-self within your HEART… Yes you will need to close your eyes… you will automatically be led by joy and clarity to this space… you will meet every “thought.emotion.action” of your waking life. Just a secret, whenever, you close your eyes to the external… yes, even when you blink… for that ONE MOMENT… you are vibrationally connected to the Divine…

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