Activate Power Forgiveness

Power Forgiveness, Power for-giving Power for- getting, Power 4-giving Power 4-getting. Activate (Faith) with Forgiveness, don’t forget the month energy is 5 and the vibration we’ve been given for this month is ACTIVATE and the day Tuesday belongs to Power and the date belongs to Forgiveness. Faith is the Divine Feminine of the Inner Energy, we also know she is NOW flowing on the Earth in the form of water.

Thought: Love: Brain-Mind Activation of the combination of Power-Politics-Gratitude occurs today! We need to BREATHE OUT… How POLITICIANS have USED Politics, for us to Breathe in Power-Politics-Gratitude.

You all practice politics, politics, the word is Human, Politics the vibration is an art. What you do not understand is that each one of you practices politics to sustain your place on Earth. Politics while externally Masculine, is the domain of the Feminine Power center. It is founded in the Womb (Forgiveness) – For-giving and for-getting power to align a larger group of people (Humanly) and a large group of Vibrations/Energies (Divinely).

To Activate Power-Politics-Gratitude, Thought.Emotion.Action of Politics must shift from “Them Politicians” to “Us Politicians” and this occurs when You see the politics as a gift of Trust.Joy.Clarity. with the return of the Feminine Power or Power Forgiveness, Politics gets a rehaul, the old patterns of HOW of politics shifts to “Us Politicians”. We need to actively notice how Politics is activated in your personal life. How do you use the vibrations/resources you HAVE to balance relationships personally. And you will understand, that most often, the HOME is where Politics is PURE… For the GOOD OF ALL!

You Are.. How Politics will engage in the NOW. You are… Who politics needs to clean up. If you’re sitting at home and pointing fingers at the minority number of people who are politicians by profession, you are living the externally activated politics. When you vote, you choose, not the credentials of the candidate, but the credentials of HOW YOU ARE MADE TO FEEL through the campaigns. Remember, campaigns are strategic aimed at bringing the MOST NEEDED aspects of a candidates emotions and connecting the emotions of a larger group of people, so, the candidate breathes in union with the emotion. It is HOW, people vote. When you feel “This person echoes my point of view” you connect with the person and your brain-mind, chooses this person… based on the expectations set and personal sense of well-being in Thought and Emotion. this is why when you cast your vote, your brain speaks to you on the basis of the vibrational connect you have been emoting thought wise… and absorbing from the projection made of the candidate. Once in Power, your expectations begin to expand to keep track on how you are benefitting from the choices made by the candidate, when they do something or act upon the THOUGHT that connects with you… they are good. When they choose to act upon a thought that threatens your sense of well being, they are terrible.

In the same way, when parenting, when a parent does what pleases a child… or a child does what pleases a parent… or they do together what pleases a larger group of people, they are actively practicing politics.

Today, politics is calling out to INDIVIDUALS to represent itself, they who are open enough to understand, expansive use of resources, where the benefits ripple and the lack dissolves. Earlier, in the masculine era, the focus was on “groups of people” who DID WHAT WAS NEEDED TO BE DONE, we’re now shifting to INDIVIDUALS who can PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH.

Examples that you can focus your THOUGHT.EMOTION.ACTION on Donald Trump, Narendra Modi and Justin Trudeau… and you will notice that each one evokes a YAY or NAY internally. Each one holds a different vibrational understanding of POWER for-giving for-getting.

While you PONDER upon the many Thoughts your Brain-Mind offers, focus on the Thought about politics that resonates with you. This will also give you an insight into HOW your Brain-Mind communicates internally with Divine Intelligence and your choice of HOW politics and WHO politics will shift.

We raise in Power Forgiveness ALL THAT IS Politics today, that the NOW of Politics, Politics Gratitude may… Flow easily and effortlessly… healed and whole. So.It.Is 

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