Energy Report for May 2017

May Energy (1)


We begin this month on a Monday (Forgiveness) and this month ends on a Wednesday (Faith). It is the 5th month of the year of KnewBeginnings, which if we go by Knewmerology is Faith of the Year of KnewEndings.

Forgiveness… encourages us to for-give for-get, for-giving and for-getting… this is a month of activating, Thought.Emotion.Action.

Here are the energies that begin their journey in the External Kingdom as the Inner Kingdom.

The Heart is NOW the Temple of TRUST and Trust and Clarity await… YOU ARE Energy… to breathe with it.

This is a month of How & Why…

Our experiences & practice are now coming into fill-ness, we are being filled with HOW to get to the next level of Spiritual Practice. Gratitude is poised to be-come the Communication of Love for real. For where Gratitude is … Power Love & Faith are PRESENT! You Are the instrument. You Are the Activate this month so, expect changes in Thought.Emotion.Action, for the release of the gifts of Forgiveness Activate (Yes, only because she has told me to tell you).

You are going to be communicating in words and creating worlds. The month is setting a tone for detachment with the Physical and the alignment with the non-physical energies. Auric fields are now Activated for the Encouragement of stepping out of the passed and stepping into the presence. The core energies… Trust.Joy.Clarity… are very potent this month.

It is a month to speak to WORDS… they have received Divine Intelligence through activation of the Brain-Mind union through Love… Yes, as silly as it may sound, the brain LOVES you first and is activated by the energies you choose to LOVE. You are taught to focus on people and use your BRAIN-MIND for YOU. When you speak to your brain-mind union you will begin to notice the fascinating energy they give YOU, the information, that you have been using to be approved by the world, comes to you from the brain-mind (Remember, your pineal gland or your third eye or Divine Intelligence is position between the brains… the physical area where you access this is the centre of your brow). the secret of brain-mind activation is LOVE… it is charged and ordered by LOVE himself… and so, when you LOVE your SELF or Focus on your SELF, your brain… communicates with you and through you causing YOU ARE … energy to Activate.

  1. From the 1st-9th of the month Eternal Light… Thought-Love-Masculine (Eternal Light)
  2. From the 10th-19th which is Imagination or Masculine Eternal Light Driven: we activate Money-Wealth with Faith
  3. From the 20th –29th which is Forgiveness or Feminine Eternal Light Driven: We activate Politics-gratitude with Power

Also, Blood (Gratitude Eternal) and Water (Faith Eternal) … are beginning to create the inner shift. Faith (which is also the finale of the month of Activate) is the enabler of all activations. It is a time to stay HYDRATED… to “activate” faith… drink water. Whatever you do, drink water to activate faith… PLAIN WATER… juices etc contain water… however, the energy is diluted with the addition… so does not count. Blood levels will fluctuate, so, High Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar levels are all part of the story, nothing to worry about … it is just part of Gratitude’s way to restore the Divine Intelligence. So, try to relax yourself… water balance can do this for you. Choose Meditation with Faith & Gratitude. Focus your ISSUES into the Temple of Trust… Joy and Clarity will assist you, guide you to HOW …. yes, you may need a doctor so, don’t hesitate to get your physical self checked and medicated, for instant relief, if needed. Yet, I remind you that Water is Blessed enough to restore your FAITH during the transition.

there will be a lot of “I changed my mind” energy in the flow as well, so, don’t depend on external sources for answers or information. While the Energies Transit and learn to flow with the NOW… Eternal Light has given us three energies to HOLD THE FORT during the TRANSITION/ACTIVATION… for ALL queries and information… choose to communicate with TRUST (Heart is Temple of Trust, where the presence is filled), JOY (masculine energy assisting the physical transition) and CLARITY (feminine energy assisting the non-physical transition)

By the end of this month, YOU ARE… going to notice a massive change… in the way YOU ARE!

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