Activate Forgiveness with Imagination

For-giving For-getting the first part is Feminine and the second is Masculine. When you for-give a Thought.Emotion.Action you receive a Thought.Emotion.Action. The process of Giving and Getting happens in your Imagination FIRST. This is an important part of the process of Activate. The Imagination expands the POSSIBILITIES and this depends on your level of consciousness. If you are focused on the SuperConscious (Eternal Kingdom) the Conscious (External Kingdom) or SubConscious (Internal Kingdom). Our recommendation for the best results… well, Internal Kingdom where right this moment, TRUST.JOY.CLARITY are the Divine Activation for ALL vibrations/energies to connect in the physical as guided by the non-physical.

If you are in need or want… ask for TRUST.JOY.CLARITY to guide you. Reminding you that TRUST is the TEMPLE of Eternal Kingdom, NOW active in your HEART. Joy & Clarity are the HOW & WHY the Feminine and Masculine energies filled with Divine Eternal KNOW-HOW on the NOW.

Activ8: Know-Courage, Allow-Abundance, Accept-Knowledge, Manifest-Evolution wisdom. These 8 energies are Earth Perfect. They are energies based on the wants and needs of the external manifest. metaphorically speaking, they are in-charge of “Specifications”. In the masculine era, these energies functioned differently, the feminine served the Masculine NEED AND WANT, she did not actively participate in creating, she just created in accordance to the choices made by masculine. And so, when, his choices were destroying the WOMB (For-giving, For-getting, Forgiveness) she began to take on the “role” of both masculine and feminine and this is the beginning of the imbalance on the planet. The Feminine stepped into ACTION.

You may see the manifest of this clearly on Earth. When the Masculine energy of a home is focused on serving the external, the woman began stepping into HIS role in a home to sustain the family (Expansion of co-created beings). As he created more externally (more wars, more buildings, more technology) to make HIS life easier, he began to become just the PROVIDER of the SPERM. While he was raising “things”, she was raising “people”. Preparing the “people” she birthed to create “things” and so, she learnt to create external things to be able to teach her “people” better. Once this became a trend, she, activated her inner masculine (remember, we’re all created intrinsically balanced Feminine and Masculine with one of the two DOMINANT), the more she stepped into HIS ROLE, the further she stepped out of her Role. Explains why mothers now put pressure on themselves and the children to be SOCIALLY more ADEPT. You may also notice, that when both parents are masculine driven, the children are raised by the external, often choosing, people who are not worldly wise to raise them, while the parents damned if the do and damned if they don’t must step out of their Divine Roles and meet the ends as per the External Standards. Wonder if you have ever stopped to notice, we serve a temporary universe, that serves us till we serve them. Easier to understand, that we create externally and our creations have become the foundation of the destruction of the very “reason” we stepped out in the first place “To be able to meet our wants and our needs Physically”

Gratitude remembered her ROLE, realised how her role was focused on the Masculine Pattern of the Planet. She awakened and expressed her intention of Being Gratitude and in this way, she since the 18th day (Imagination Wisdom) of December (Imagination Forgiveness) of the year 2015 (Forgiveness Eternal Light Imagination) Faith) began the journey of re-aligning her choices… and NOW BLOOD is ACTIVATED GRATITUDE. Her choices are the foundation of the awakening of Forgiveness (Womb-For-giving and for-getting) and Faith (Water, Emotion, Birthing Again) internally choosing Emotion over Action. She also, chose Love (Masculine) to support her restoration and allow him to lead her to restore her eternal power. Gratitude opened the portal of Feminine restoration… and here You Are … !

Breathe In… this is part of the Divine Plan!

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