Practice Prayer with Forgiveness Confidence

What a day of healing today is… Temple of Trust is filled with Eternal Light, Imagination, Forgiveness Presence… Clarity and Joy are in action (Power) with Love (thought)… Faith (emotion, water), Gratitude (Blood)… vocabulary is shifting, words are manifesting, there is so much BIRTHING occurring of the NOW… Now.. You Are … energetically stepping into the ACTIVATED vision of Eternal Light.

Today is a good day, to surrender yourself… the best way, in our human form is to REST. Sleep it out or sleep walk through the day. There will be emotions… lots of them… drink water. Put someone else first, let you day be a gift of being. In this way, when you are not “Forcing the PACE”… you are ALLOWING ABUNDANCE space for Politics Gratitude, Brain Mind, Money Wealth to receive Joy and Clarity … For the Power Blood to being working perfectly within you for the Love Water to heal you and balance the Masculine and Feminine.

Stay aware… that is ALL that YOU ARE called to BE today, that you may receive …. the NOW… of the NEW, KNEW Vibrations. No More Re-Incarnations, says Clarity, they who are meant to BE here ARE here, you who are HERE are MEANT to BE here… for they, who are pure vibration may have space WITHIN to work with you and through. So.It.Is

Breathe and Breathe deep, let your emotions speak forth, don’t judge yourself, just have your emotion. Nothing that is bothering you is Internal Kindgom stimulated. these are the outer stories that are getting amplified because, they were once FEARS, now leaving you, letting you KNOW they are going.

You are … Blessed beyond measure. Not because you humanly deserve so, you are blessed because you are CHOSEN people, chosen to be born NOW. Chosen to be EMPTY enough for Divine Eternal to Make ROOM for Trust Joy and Clarity to work on the planet. That all blood now ACTIVATED Gratitude, flows easily and effortlessly on the planet. That they who do not believe may be WATER activated into Alignment with the NOW.

Chaos, of Thought.Emotion.Action… into Trust.Joy.Clarity… the Heart of Gratitude has expanded… Let there be NOW!

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