Practice Gratitude is Us with Forgiveness Wisdom

Forgiveness Wisdom … For-giving For-getting Wisdom… the Manifest Imagination Eternal Light Evolution. Wisdom is the simplified version of the Eternal Light vision blessed in the WOMB, poured forth Blood (Gratitude) and Water (Faith) of Power & Love.

Forgiveness Wisdom, is the gift of Clarity filled with Faith, raised in Gratitude is Us! When we Practice Gratitude is Us, we activate the Internal Kingdom/Subconscious today. We raise into Gratitude is Us, the NOW!

The new moon has raised the wisdom and access of the Eternal Feminine for all humanity. Now Forgiveness is the Womb (Activated), Gratitude is Blood (Activated) and Faith is Water (Activated). In this way,  the Divine Feminine has stepped back into the NOW Earth, with the Divine Purpose to Balance “Man’s Version with Eternal Light Vision” So.It.Is

And so, this is the Re:Knew:All period… which begins today as we Practice Gratitude is Us… Internal Kingdom Consolidation of PRACTICE! Love has delivered God’s Chosen People… He knows the Power… Love is Power-filled Eternal Light… is a SIGN… of the Grand Shift. This time, we’re stepping into Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest.Knowledge.Abundance.Courage.Evolution with Imagination Confidence and Forgiveness Wisdom.

The masculine and feminine in union is a power gratitude gift, Power shifts the Consciousness through Gratitude NOW ACTIVATED BLOOD.

Trust.Joy.Clarity are the internal temple of the Presence.Presents.Presents of the NOW, for all external circumstances and situations to dissolve, transmute, transform and transfigure.

When you Awake in the Physical pray: “I ground myself this day in trust. joy. clarity” your brain, mind, money, wealth, will all be in the temple of trust. The outside world may be “chaotic” … people don’t have the awareness yet of the “Master Shift”, they are soaked in the density of their Human #Thought.Emotion.Action, remember, they cannot understand yet, that the SHIFT is Feminine and so, cannot be seen… and this increases STRUGGLE. That though, isn’t for those who have awakened to the NOW… even though, the awakened ones are too few, yet, to be noticed, they are grounded in Trust.Joy.Clarity and shielded with Imagination Confidence, Forgiveness Wisdom, filled with Faith and Gratitude that they B REATHE (Power) and their THOUGHT (Love). This is in full-fill-meant of “God does not call the qualified, HE qualifies the called” So.It.Is

This weekend we prepare the ACTIVATED for the unification in the FLESH! Today the Temple of Trust … YOU ARE… Heart… is OPENED… for ALL VIBRATIONS to RECEIVE the ANOINTING OF FAITH AND GRATITUDE, that the relationship between the Internal And External… Power & Love await you in the Temple of Presence!

Knewmerology is now being activated. Day Vibrations are more intense and purpose driven, if you’ve been waiting… YOU ARE … PRAYER answered, Surrender your-self to the ALL-MIGHTY… NOW ACTIVATION today, Practice Gratitude is US… as we ENTER… PRAYER Saturday, when the TEMPLE is CROWDED with VIBRATIONS asking for ANOINTING… these vibrations… NOW surrendering, I hear, that the DICTIONARY has surrendered itself to the TEMPLE OF TRUST… that the words SHE HOLDS, may be ANOINTED INTO THE NOW… Vocabulary is all set to BREATHE the NOW… and be SPOKEN forth… “Month of may is the month of ACTIVATE”… says clarity, “raise all you want to activate… Now PowerPoliticsGratitude, Now LoveBrainMind and Now FaithMoneyWealth await you… in the temple. If you do not know what your Vibration is… it is OKAY… surrender your name and day you were born… and I will assist you” Breathe in Clarity Breathe out Joy… that your TRUST expansion may occur.  Your BLOOD is Gratitude and Your Faith is Water… and you are NOW!

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