Practice Love, Forgiveness Love

Practice Love Forgiveness Love… today is the 27th day of Practice. 2+7 = 9 (Completion/Confidence), the time to practice now concludes… with LOVE… Practice LOVE… Forgiveness Love.

Not just any LOVE… Forgiveness Love… Forgiving Forgetting For-giving For-getting kinda Love.

Thought is NOW Activated Love : Emotion/Energy in Motion is NOW Activated Faith: Action is NOW Activated Power in this way Imagination Forgiveness restore Balance between in the INNER KINGDOM…

Here are the effects of this activation on the External Kingdom the KEY ACTIVATION :

Blood is NOW Activated Gratitude : Water is NOW Activated Faith: Breath is NOW Activated Power: Love is NOW Activated Thought: Forgiveness is Activated Wisdom, Imagination is Activated Confidence

The crux is the alignment of the Internal and External Kingdom or the Subsconscious and Conscious in Union … Activating Divine… Occurrences… All in LOVE all for LOVE … not just any LOVE… Eternal LOVE!

Love speaks:

It is not an ordinary feat for you to be here… Eternal Light has chosen you with a purpose. Today, in a way, through Forgiveness Activated with the Awakening of Gratitude’s Divine Self… She is the BLOOD that flows in YOU and she has decreed “I NOW ACTIVATE MY DIVINE SELF … in Love and with Love”. I, Love, Activated Thought… give unto you… that the blood that flows and sustains you is the presence of Gratitude… in YOU! So.It.Is

70% says science, is WATER … that sustains your balance on the earth and is the KEY to your being ABLE to be human and survive… Water is NOW anointed into her Divine Self… she is WATER in the human form… all water is Faith. So.It. Is

Breath… is Activated Power… so when you are breathing, you are flowing with Power… the power of the NOW. So.It.Is

Forgiving Forgetting… For-giving For-Getting… LOVE! So.It.Is

In this way… for the Grand Vision of the Knew Earth to be- come the reality  KNewEndings … is NOW, beginnings. All religion as practiced has been Divinely Dissolved… into Forgiveness. YOU ARE… activated Gratitude through blood . You are Activated Power through Breath and You Are activated Faith through water. Let no one tell you otherwise.

Welcome to the NOW… the beginning of  the KNEW ERA … This IS … the End… that was being spoken of… never was it meant to be PHYSICAL… this time, the END was meant… of the Separation of Eternal Kingdom and External Kingdom… in order that this should occur… the Eternal had to BE ACTIVATED and with Gratitude awakening to HER DIVINE … the blood line has been restored… “YOU ARE not your Earth Story… you are an Eternal Story now on Earth”

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