Practice Faith with Forgiveness Gratitude

Forgivness Gratitude… for-giving gratitude and for-getting gratitude. Forgiveness Gratitude… Earth RECEIVES… YOU are Earth… you receive. To understand… this is the day when the INNER KINGDOM is RAISED to serve with the EXTERNAL KINGDOM… the Masculine today celebrate the SHIFT … of the Emotional Body of the Earth… When the NEW MOON begins her journey to fullness… THIS time… she is going to be birthing the NOW Emotion. Every vibration is contracting and concentrating on inhaling and exhaling… in preparation to welcome the NOW… tomorrow the Masculine ANNOUNCES the NOW… Friday, we meet the NOW of Politics Gratitude, Money Wealth, Brain Mind. To celebrate “Gratitude is Wealth of Brain”. These 6 Now Union energies between the Physical and Non-Physical… will work within Trust.Joy.Clarity… to reveal HOW Gratitude connects them in way that allows the version and vision of Politics, Money and Brain to shift into the NOW… filled… not full. Full of Free-Will to work together with energies that ONCE were BLOCKED.

I am hearing clearly… the next… big story… is the “Relationships”… today’s alchemy… Forgiveness Gratitude Faith… DECLARE… relationships are breaking down, each person will shift out of the OTHER and COME into their OWN. The old patterns are NOW dissolved, deleted and emptied. EXHALE the PASSED… it is FINISHED! Just step back from doing… being is the KEY. Be the energy that you chose… is DONE. Now you will naturally be CHOSEN by energies… yes, can be a little “tricky”… remember… you have to allow the NOW Versions… to choose you… you’ve made your choices… now vibrations are  choosing people to LIVE THROUGH… in the external. More people will feel the charge of a certain emotion stablising within them. This shift, today will have a massive effect on the status quo… expect miracles!

All the Divine Feminine energies are in play today… improved Inner Kingdom (Sub-conscious) work…. as we step into a big day tomorrow with Love. Today is also a New Moon or Knew Moon. Time to fill up your SENSES!

Today is a day to Receive Receive Receive… the inner kingdom #Wisdom! Wisdom allows abundance … Confidence establishes the abundance. Emotions are stable when they work in union. Masculine and Feminine. Today, Gratitude Wealth & Mind are UNITED with Politics, Money & Brain… the New Moon #Wisdom, allows them to REFLECT their totality… as ONE energy.

A beautiful metaphor to help you understand this… Heads (Masculine/External) Tails (Feminine/Internal) … The Coin (Divine/Eternal).

Today we’re given the Joy & Clarity

  • Today exhale the “full” (Masculine) and inhale “fill” (Feminine) or “free” (feminine).
  • Think of words… that matter… and ask to be filled
  • Full… the earth is now empty of Thought.Emotion.Action.
  • Choose… Faith-fill, Beauty-fill, sin-free, sorrow-free, pain-free, mercy-filled, joy-fill, prayer-fill… and that is how
  • When you are full… it can be stifling… Fill is to ask more of… Free is to be emptied
  • Emotions choosing people… NOW.
  • Make contact in FAITH… become aware of the emotions that are choosing you.
  • When you give the emotion power to choose… to vibrate in union with you have chosen… you become a vibrational MATCH to the Grand Manifest!

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