Practice Power with Forgiveness Faith

Forgiving and Forgetting… For-Giving and For-Getting… the Feminine energy… BIRTH (Faith)

Today, Forgiveness asks us to Practice “For-giving and For-getting” … that we may BIRTH … Faith! Faith… is the SOUL energy of the NOW!

Faith is HOW Forgiveness BIRTH’s “Thoughts in- to Things”

When you ‘Take back your Power’, you RAISE your Internal Kingdom. This Activates Trust.Joy.Clarity of HOW to’s in your External Kingdom. The Internal Kingdom is your GROUNDING, and the ETERNAL KINGDOM is your SHIELD in the EXTERNAL KINGDOM. So, you must FIRST activate your Inner Kingdom.

The Inner Kingdom/Sub-conscious … Choose the energies that match with Trust.Joy.Clarity… (Grounding) when this part is DONE… Love and Faith are naturally activated and through Trust.Joy.Clarity… guide your HOW to’s. So.It.Is

The Eternal Kingdom/Super-conscious … Choose the Energies that match with Imagination Forgiveness Power Faith Love Gratitude… (Shielding) when this is done Imagination and Faith are naturally activated and through Imagination Embrace and Forgiveness Alchemy… guide your Trust.Joy.Clarity

The External Kingdom/Conscious… Relationships… LIFE itself.

Practice ALL THAT YOU ARE… in the Internal Kingdom! Breathe… inhale & exhale… for-giving & For-getting… Forgiveness… Birth FAITH! 

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