Practice Forgiveness with Forgiveness Power

Forgive-ness, For-Giving and for-getting. Power is  for-giving and for-getting. Faith is for-giving and for-getting. Love is for-giving and for-getting. Gratitude is for-giving and for-getting. When you practice Forgiveness you are engaging in For-Giving or For-Getting. For-giving what you NEED and For-getting what you WANT.

Breathing In – Breathing Out, Closed-Open, Light-Darkness, Head-Tails, Have-HaveNot, Positive-Negative… every tiny detail of the PARADOX is a GIFT of Forgiveness, if you look at it under the microscope and this is HOW Power-filled She (Forgiveness) is eternally, internally, externally.

Remember, you cannot breathe out if you haven’t breathed in FIRST.

Internal Kingdom (All that is within YOU), knows that… ever notice how your body naturally knows a lot of things. It is formed in the WOMB (Forgiveness- it naturally responds to the RHYTHM of For-Giving and For-getting). When you honour your body you are in TRUTH trusting FORGIVENESS POWER.

Know Forgiveness, Allow Forgiveness, Accept Forgiveness, Manifest Forgiveness… Forgiveness Courage, Forgiveness Abundance, Forgiveness Knowledge, Forgiveness Evolution … For-giving and for-getting… for-masculine and for-feminine.

Each time you use the word FOR, you are calling forth the RHYTHM… 4 the number is POWER, for is POWER given unto the word that follows… when you do anything FOR… YOU ARE… a channel of Forgiveness Power in that moment in the situation FOR … you are BREATHING HER!

2 is the number of Forgiveness (Refer to my earlier post on Knewmerology), 4 is the number of Power and together they are 6 the foundation of Gratitude… and this is WHY … Power always reminds us… Gratitude is my WHY… Gratitude is the WHY of Power… Because He receives Gratitude as GIFT, expansion of HIMSELF in FORGIVINESS… so, Gratitude becomes the breath of Power… for-giving and for-getting.

very tiny detail… huge… energy ripples!

Energy Update: Today, the 24th … we celebrate the Forgiveness Power- Gratitude! Power gifts her “NOW Politics shall be filled with Forgiveness Power, Love bestows upon her “Now Brain-Mind, in Gratitude is Us” and Faith increases her “Now Money-Wealth in Power is US.

Activating the Forgiveness power of FOR- 4 in; Thought. Emotion. Action. 

I know this is a little overwhelming… its okay, even for me, to internalise this fully and be filled with the NOW is going to be exciting. I am going to be reading this with Pre-Fixing “You are … “

“You are…” the Face of Power in Now Politics

“You are… “ the Face of Love in Now Brain-Mind in Gratitude is Us

“You are…” the Face of Faith of Now Money-Wealth in Power is Us



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