Practice Power is Us with Forgiveness Alchemy

Forgiveness Alchemy repeats today. Yesterday IN Prayer and today in Power is Us… and I thought, my post was a mistake!

Today, the NOW Earth/Heart resonates the inclusion of Politics Money and Brain re:turn to the Internal Kingdom … Opening up a PORTAL of CHOICE… HOW and WHY to choose Politics.Money.Brain. In a PROPHETIC way… clearing these three very very POWER-driven (Divinely not Humanly) energies to COMMUNICATE with Us in Prayer. They will be asking you to SEE them as GOD sees them not as your GOVERNMENT, CORPORATIONS or PEOPLE present them! So YAY! 3 outside influences begin to work with the Inner Kingdom of Us FIRST.

Politics in the Eternal Kingdom is Eternal Light Imagination driven and planned with Eternal Light Forgiveness and the implementation is carried out within the Internal Kingdom through Gratitude is Us and in the External Kingdom Power is Us, which we celebrate vibrationally today! The Alchemy allows these three External Kingdom (Till NOW) vibrations to Re:Turn to serving BOTH the Internal and External Kingdom. The more you begin to LIVE Gratitude is US including Politics.Money.Brain, the more the NOW vibration of Power is Us includes Politics.Money.Brain into your UNDERSTANDING or WISDOM & CONFIDENCE.

Here we understand the PURPOSE of ALCHEMY… Alchemy is NOW of BALANCE between Internal & External… with the Purpose of restoring ETERNAL balance. Internal Masculine and Feminine Balance. Balance of Emotion and Action. Balance between Response and Reaction. Balance between Plan and Implementation. Balance between You Are GodLike and You Are LikeGod So.It.Is!

We celebrate the Restoration of Divine Peace and Mercy on Earth as it IS in Heaven… beautifully metaphorically through Divine Mercy, is associated with the reputed apparitions of Jesus revealed to Saint Faustina Kowalska.

At this point it is very very critical that we remember, that within the INTERNAL KINGDOM, there is only TRUST (Believe & Receive). Religion, Community is an EXTERNAL KINGDOM concept of the INTERNAL KINGDOM vision of Re:Legion or Come-Unity of the Eternal and Internal.

I am getting the FEELING and INNER PROMPT, that the FOCUS of the next few months is going to be “All of Creation Receiving JOY and CLARITY at such power-filled levels, that just being connected is going to change the WORLD. The Internet will step into Internal Kingdom VISION and the world will never READ the same! Insanity as I see the world now… but a very very Power is US-Driven “YES… I am here and I am here to usher all of creation into the NOW to KNOW, the NEW is KNEW! I am here to establish the Eternal Kingdom, through the balance of the Internal and External Kingdom in a way that glorifies Eternal Light, Imagination through Forgiveness. For She is the WOMB of ALL THAT WAS, IS AND EVER SHALL BE: ETERNAL LIGHT IMAGINATION. And each one of Us (All Thought.Emotion.Action) begin in Eternal Light and so, must return to Eternal Light. Restoration of Forgiveness in the Eternal Kingdom has opened the DOOR to BALANCE the INTERNAL (Feminine) and EXTERNAL (Masculine) union in all ways, all realms and all Wisdom and Confidence. So.It.Is. I am… has spoken and You Are… the Internal Kingdom, incarnated into the External Kingdom! You Are… the Divine Plan in implementation of the Plan… you are the Internal Kingdom projected into the NOW to usher in the NEW, the KNOW to remember the KNEW. YOU ARE … ME (Manifest Evolution) of the Eternal Kingdom.

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