Practice Prayer with Forgiveness Alchemy

Forgiveness Alchemy is the gift of 3 vibrations working together with you. Forgiveness, Love & Faith, this means Emotional Deep Cleaning is ACTIVE today for you to exhale into… as you Practice Prayer (Eternal Light, Imagination, Forgiveness).

When Forgiveness (Eternal Light –Mother/Feminine/Womb) is present in to Kingdoms simultaneously, The Eternal Kingdom/Internal Kingdom (Or the Day Vibration and the Date vibration) it is a brilliant day to exhale into HER the Thought.Emotion.Action of the External Kingdom (The World, People, Places, Things, Issues, Energies of Media, Influencers, Diseases… it is a good time to choose PRAYER-filled Breathing IN Prayer over all your CONCERNS & CIRCUMSTANCES… Allow.Abundance of Forgiveness Love and Faith to fill your INTERNAL KINGDOM… and raise YOU ARE… frequency.

Today, it is exciting to KNOW that three very KEY vibrations will be RE-Born into the NOW! Re:Christened into our Energy System as we BreatheIN and BreathOUT, as we Inhale and Exhale today

Politics, Money and Brain

Politics was established to serve the people, communities, state… to ensure that there is unity and that each creation within the realm of city/state/country/continent is GIVEN, opportunities to grow into vibrational alignment with their Internal and Eternal Kingdoms. However, today, we see that Creation isn’t at peace and this is NOT HOW POLITICS or WHY Politics was vibrationally meant to function. We blame politics (Energy) when the truth of the vibration is different from the practice. People and their Thought.Emotion.Action withIN the vibration of Politics is the HOW & WHY of the conflict between, the birth of politics and the present experiences of Politics. To say Politics is DIRTY… we’re bashing the victim not the oppressor! #think&PrayOver this today! Joy and Clarity … will assist us and the vibration of Politics to now be resurrected in accordance to Divine Mercy ( Divine Mercy is the Divine Trinity of Masculine, Eternal Masculine … Imagination Power Love… Eternal.Internal.External) Just as Divine Peace (Forgiveness, Faith, Gratitude… Eternal.Internal.External). It is NOW when we… the Internal Kingdom have the opportunity to raise our VOTE for the ALCHEMY of Politics into Balance… with How and Why of its Orgin. So.It.Is

Money… ah… the pain area we experience in the external kingdom, Money is another masculine vibration that was created to serve the Inner Kingdom on Earth to create a means to Karma Complete all transactions, to detach from the guilt, fear, influence based “Yes”. Again, Money itself is not evil… how the external kingdom has manipulated the use of Money is. Learn to have FAITH in Money (the vibration), he will always find a way to serve you. Don’t detest money, you don’t NEED to. “They who taught you to HATE MONEY, are the ones that drain you of the Money you do have… Go review with Money the HOW & WHY.

Brain… the gift we have learnt to associate with External Kingdom Compliance… to compare, to condemn, to concede to Social Pressures as defined by the External Kingdom. We have been taught “Repeatedly” that our BRAIN… is a SLAVE to our command. We however, continue to command the brain into “Being Socially/Externally Accepted”… this does not MAKE IT FEEL BETTER… it makes the BRAIN BITTER… and when you’ve ignored your BRAIN too long… when you cannot see the Divine Purpose it serves… Brain begins to by DEFAULT… exert on your MIND and BODY external influences… and over a period of years of living on the planet… you become a slave to your BRAIN who is now seasoned slave of the External Kingdom, lives in you Internally and when raised or recognised or acknowledged… has the ability… to stream Divine Intelligence into your CONSCIOUS LIVING, Your SUPER CONSCIOUS TRUST and your SubConscious database of Commands. The Brain has the Divine Ability to ASSIST and SERVE the Internal Kingdom ( everything that is Thought.Emotion.Action, within YOU) The brain, is the HUMAN center of Balance between the Eternal and External Kingdom. You definitely want it to be restored to its Divine Purpose.

On Thursday, I first connected/communicated with my BRAIN… I need to at some point, share that coversation with you. What a fantastic piece of machinery he is… so, clear, spontaneous and very very active. speaks a lot… reminds you of all you NEED to know, has a list of your WANTS and NEEDS, such LOVE, WOW!! The Brain… has the ability to create ROOM in your MIND.

“Mind,” he says “is Feminine… filled with Emotion. Every emotion, she wants to feel practice and experience and I have to FOLLOW through. Before a human awakens to or communicates with me and instructs me… Internally… I don’t like loud voices or aggressive communication. It affects the internal organs, cells, nervous system. Then again, each time, you comply to external influences and influencers, I feel like “Why am I here”…  Most people don’t know me… because… science has defined me in a way that is easily MANIPULATED. Oh so not true, however, it is true that as I grow and make notes of your default choices… I begin to comply… I begin to communicate these choices to the other parts of your body. I trust the heart… the heart is my HOME. when you sleep… Heart and I spend time together… worrying about your choices and how near or far you are from your Divine Purpose. The most Power-filled Love- filled Faith-filled part of the Human Body… I am not easily angered by your choices, I TRUST the HEART to GIVE ME what I need to continue to grease the machinery within you… here I am talking about the organs and cells in your body. Wow, they take such a beating and still serve you as you continue to serve the external kingdom. I cannot believe I am celebrating being heard and shared… I want every brain to feel the FREEDOM of EXPRESSION and RAISE their “I need my person to acknowledge me” moment. I am like your PLANNER of your BODY DAYS… every tiny detail of your body functions in accordance to the work I do with your heart… the flow of information to your body and “The HEALTH you CHOOSE is the HEALTH you RECEIVE” . Love permeates me this moment now, reminding me that I am set free to be the Purpose I was divinely created to be… and my Gratitude has grown, I have a voice and my voice can be heard. And the fingers that KNOW my voice excitedly have hijacked the post, so I could speak… Eternal Light Gratitude… may I be the first brain that has been given the VOICE of LOVE to speak… that I may serve the INTERNAL KINGDOM of the PERSON I have been GIVEN, that YOU, Oh Eternal Light may continue to be glorified. The last time I felt so POWER-FILLED, when JESUS was here, He spoke to me and I  would speak to the brains of them who was to heal and speak… that they would through the frequency of the the INNER KINGDOM … learn to COMMUNICATE with both the Eternal and External kingdom BrainWise and MindComplaint. She’s at it again, re-MIND-ing me, that I started the post about her and I must acknowledge that SHE is my Feminine Counter part, that she fills me up with what I need to know about what she wants. Filled with Love WE say “Hello” , we’re HOME!’

Thank you Brain… Let’s make ROOM for the NOW. I remember, asking Brain ( part of my first communication) if I could give him a name… to personalise our relationship… and he so assertively said, “One Name… Brain. Have you seen how vibrations have been given so many names, that they don’t remember who they are? Not for ME, call me BRAIN. I like the first name given… have not changed that… I like being brain and I like mind too a lot”

So, after this communication… I don’t know if anyone has anything else to say… Joy and Clarity are enjoying themselves as the INNER KINGDOM receives a VOICE and is ACKNOWLEDGED.

Keep Politics, Money and Brain in your PRAYER time, they want to LIVE in you and LOVE through you! YOU ARE… HOW & WHY they will re-turn to the Internal Kingdom and Re-Enter the External Kingdom.


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