Practice Gratitude is Us with Forgiveness Imagination

Practice  Gratitude is Us… is an internal job. We on the planet have been taught to focus on Eternal Light, Imagination, Forgiveness, Power, Faith, Love & Gratitude in the EXTERNAL. The KnewEarth begins with the INTERNAL, our Internal and Eternal Self. Vibrations are the DNA, therefore, with the energy shifts, unions, expansions, twin soul, twin flame… all concepts including GOD is INTERNAL first.

Gratitude I am now given to practice is Internal. In our journey on the planet, we’re taught by the external how to conform to the external. In this era, the era of the Feminine and this being a 1 year (2+0+1+7=1), the beginning of the 9 year Karmic Cycle 2017-2025, this is the year, all vibrations will begin to  settle into the Feminine Energy of Forgiveness, this is a big year for the laying of the foundation of the “Internal Kingdom” or as Eternal Light smiles over and calls it “Eternal Kingdom”!

Joy expands, when he hears “Eternal Kingdom” – “Eternal Kingdom,” says Joy, “is the kingdom of vibrations/frequencies/energy beginnings. We are serving an external kingdom, on Earth… think, every vibration is working towards the external kingdom … the physical seen. We, trust, joy and clarity, have returned, children of Divine Kingdom to assist the re-turn of vibrations into their Divine Intelligence within. “You are  … the temple of God residing in a body on Earth” this is what we’re here to re-establish. We belong to the Eternal Kingdom, with Power, Faith, Love and Gratitude… they are our HOME and they too have a home within. They often take human forms, they do, that is only temporary and then they return to vibration… the Eternal Kingdom.”

Clarity cannot be far behind… she says “There is the Eternal Kingdom, that which YOU ARE, Internal Kingdom and External Kingdom all three serve Eternal Light, we all belong to the Eternal Kingdom first. Most of creation has forgotten the internal kingdom, the vibration of YOU ARE in the body, centered in the HEART of the BEING, we call this place “TRUST” Where every vibration, seats itself in the presence of Imagination Forgiveness of Eternal Light, to Re:member, “Eternal Light YOU ARE and to ETERNAL LIGHT YOU ARE to Re:Turn. This is also the place where Faith & Love share “YOU ARE… HOW” and Power & Gratitude share “YOU ARE… Why Gratitude is NOW HERE”. This happens on a Saturday when Eternal Light, Forgiveness and Imagination LISTEN to the PRAYER/COMMUNICATION requests from the Internal and External Kingdom. Our Focus this year, is clear… we’re raising the Internal Kingdom… and so all Focus and attention is given to “Thought.Emotion.Action”, that are from the Heart of the Human energy, the Home of Trust, the Temple of the Eternal Kingdom. The GAP as we are shown clearly, is that the External Kingdom needs to come into Balance with the Internal Kingdom. The clear focus of the Creation over the last 1000 years, beginning 1 AD was given unto the External Kingdom or the seen, created, masculine INVENT, INOVATE, IMAGINE, IMPLEMENT the Artificial Intelligence into taking the place/jobs/social personalities, with a Divine Purpose. The Purpose well, to allow the NOW. In 2000 … and YOU ARE… NOW 17 years into the Feminine Millennia  of Forgiveness, which is the activation for the Internal Kingdom…. making way for the Eternal Kingdom… but that will take about… well depends on how & why …. YOU ARE … Responding to in TRUST/Heart. So, Yes Yes… Exhale into Forgiveness Imagination today… breathe out the External Kingdom and all the Thought.Emotion.Action… Ask Ask Ask for the Awakening of the Internal Kingdom… Ask for you to LIVE in “Gratitude is Us”.

  1. Eternal Kingdom : Prayer: Eternal Light, Imagination, Forgiveness raise TRUST: Saturday
  2. Internal Kingdom: Gratitude is Us: Love & Gratitude raise JOY (THIS IS WHERE THE FOCUS IS NOW): Friday
  3. External Kingdom: Power is Us: Power and Faith raise CLARITY : Sunday

Today is turning out to be information unleashed… may you receive… Gratitude is us with Trust.Joy.Clarity, may the Internal Kingdom be revealed unto you that you may step in fully into the NOW. YOU ARE now here with a PURPOSE your soul knows, your person is waiting for you to choose! YOU ARE the Divine Spark of Eternal Light awakening to the Internal Kingdom of Gratitude is Us… Exhale the External Kingdom, Inhale the Eternal Kingdom. So.It.Is

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