Practice Love with Forgiveness Eternal Light

with the Feminine energies… the focus shifts to Exhale… How beautiful, when we inhale, masculine energy activates, when we breathe out feminine energy activates. Forgiveness is Divine Feminine,  Mother Creator, the womb of all creation. She is energised by Eternal Light (EL) to begin the 9 days of exhale or breathing out. This is the purifying process.

A wonderful period to make up your mind of what you WANT and what you NEED. Seek her in all “communication”, “Interaction”, in all Thought.Emotion.Action. So.It.Is

Yesterday in prayer, I bumped into something Joyce Meyer said, “You CAN Ask G-d for all that you WANT and he will give you all that you NEED.”

The next part of the day I was made aware that for most parts of our lives (mine in particular), I have experienced that my focus has been on  my WANTS… Amazon & Flipkart are beneficiaries of the wants… they surround me… yet, most often they lay around me still wrapped… unused or used once. Want says “I think I will need you in the future”. Need says “I have what I want.” 

In a book I am reading, Pharmacy for the Soul by Osho, what a wonderful book I would recommend each of you read at some point, let the book choose you, when you are ready to receive it.

“Personality is a also a necessary part of growth. It is as if you catch hold of a fish in the sea and you throw it on the shore; the fish jumps back into the sea. Now for the first time it will know that it has always lived in the sea; for the first time it will know “The sea is my life.” Up to now, before it had been caught and thrown on the shore, it may never have thought of the sea at all; it may have been utterly OBLIVIOUS of the sea. To know something, first you have to lose it.

To be aware of paradise, first you have to lose it. Unless it is lost and regained, you will not understand the beauty of it.

Adam had to lose the Garden of Eden, that is part of natural growth. Only Adam leaving the beautiful Garden of God can become CHRIST one day- He can come back. Adam leaving Eden is just like the fish being caught and thrown on the shore, and Jesus is the fish jumping back into the sea”

I am still getting joy bumps as I read this, again… I am drawn to it… I can feel it resonate… In the Garden of Eden, In the sea, in our everyday lives… we have all we can WANT… yet we will only CHOOSE what we NEED in the NOW moment.

If we were to HOLD TRUE, Jesus was ONCE Adam… In one part, he had all he could WANT and Chose what he NEEDED to be-come, CHRIST of the NEW TESTAMENT…. love the part in which it is written … “And Jesus is the fish jumping back into the sea.” Reminds me of Mathew 4:19 “Come, follow Me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”

It is where he allowed the fish to step out of their comfort zone… and choose to SERVE as FOOD for the SOUL! Remember, there is another Jesus story with Fish… Mathew 14:13-21

Let us begin the 9 days of Practice with Forgiveness, asking for what we NEED to Acknowledge (Accept.Knowledge) as we Practice Love today.

  • Breathing In – Masculine – Linear  – Receiving – NEED – Imagination
  • Breathing Out –Feminine- Non Linear – For-Giving – WANT – Forgiveness

this post just feels filled with LOVE… Breathe In Love… Breathe Out Love… Allow ALL OF who YOU ARE to come into balance this day… So.It.Is


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