Practice Faith with Imagination Confidence

BreatheIn… you are Faith!

Gratitude is NOW stepping in-to Money with Trust & Faith. A lot of Prayers received is of the lack of money for the evolution of the Earth. On Earth, it is believed that MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. It isn’t true, it is really PEOPLE and their minds that is the root of all evil. Money on its own can do nothing evil or good, think about it. So, to keep you from a relationship with money itself or wealth for that matter.

Money is masculine, wealth is feminine. So it is important for us to understand and practice with faith HOW money & wealth (Energetically) work as a team. If you have Money itself, it is a means for the feminine to create wealth. Wealth, is a sum total of Thought.Emotion.Action related to MONEY. She is rooted in money. Have you noticed when you are in lack of money or of the thought you are in lack of money, comes an expenditure that causes you to HAVE TO SPEND? This is the AWARENESS that there is a difference between what you WANT and what you NEED. There comes a person, a resource that brings forth the MONEY you NEED.

The paradox is in two WORDS … WANT & NEED… always focus on WHAT YOU NEED… and you will be present in the NOW and see that MONEY steps into your energy when YOU NEED him. Wealth is the opportunity to create more money… the greatest wealth is a heart that “Allows Abundance”, “Acknowledges”, “Manifests Evolution”, “Knows Courage”  to understand Money.

before you step into Imagination Confidence with Money:

  • Money is Masculine…. Wealth is Feminine
  • Money is Action… Wealth is Emotion… Thought is HOW to channel them into unity
  • When you FEEL (Emotion) or FEEL (Action of Touch) Feel is complete Masculine and Feminine and so, the thought you attach becomes your EXPERIENCE of FEEL.
  • Imagine With Confidence… Money is like a CHILD… and you’re a parent. Where you USE money, is HOW money learns to BE.
  • If Money is a child, YOU ARE… the first experience of money in your life… what is it that you’ve inherited and what is your experience?
  • How do you “think about Money”
  • Stop comparing your Money… Think of a child… Money works with you in a different way that he does with others.
  • Focus on Money in Masculine… He needs Action
  • Focus on Wealth in Feminine… She needs Emotion
  • When you handle money… handle him with Gratitude… thank Money often for all the action he brings into your life.  #Pay Attention #Buy Experience is Masculine
  • When you handle wealth… handle her with Love… thank Wealth often for all the emotion she brings into your life. Pay #Attention Buy #Experience is Feminine
  • One sentence that resonates both wealth and money … I don’t know who wrote the original line… I thank the energies of masculine and feminine for giving me the deeper meaning of Pay Attention Buy Experience.

Let’s give money the #Love and #Gratitude … to step out of the OLD STORY and with Us, begin a brand new NOW journey!



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