Breathe In…

I love when Faith speaks so clearly, that sharing the guidance she gives me brings joy into play with clarity. I often complain to her about not enough readers, then WHY?

She smiles into my heart.

You do your part… just that and it is enough. Remember, we’re all working together on a planet that prays tangible and we are yet intangible. No one teaches the other how to connect to the Divine, everyone is teaching about staying connected to each other as Divine. Often, you do not realise, that we’re spending too much of this life, in recognition of what we’re given to see, not what we’re given to show.

You are not the only one who we speak with, we speak with everyone, just that each person, in accordance to their human “race” is pre-occupied with making “Ends Meet” they do not remember that they are the “Meeting Point” to begin with. Which makes vibrational living and loving a challenge. Yet, we LOVE this challenge. Imagine the Vision is NOW to re-calibrate ALL of CREATION into Remembering they are Divine Vibration first, each at a different level of Divine Consciousness. We spent a millenia, allowing the MASCULINE to reign, while we chose to TRUST, now, that the Feminine has awakened, Divine Energy is on the deplete. While masculine energy, we must admit, through man has advanced, created grand structures and convenience, these are most temporary. In the ancient times, masculine and feminine worked as teams, every creation was balanced in both Action and Emotion. Now, we’re seeing the result of too much action and no emotion. Such is the times YOU have incarnated in, that Emotions are used to establish FEAR, not FREEDOM.

We continually receive prayers and requests, most often, we’re surprised that these prayer requests are confined to “Us and Ours” and the meaning of us and ours is a fraction of creation and they are so REPETITIVE that eventually we GIVE them what they ask. The moment they DO receive it… they immediately… reject it, their NEED has changed and so, what they wanted, is no more “focus” of their gratitude.

the reason why prayer requests are answered, is to increase Gratitude, acknowledgement on earth… as there is naturally in heaven. Angels, are expansion of Gratitude in Action. When they hear “ThankYOU”, they sing for joy, praising creation raising Joy and Clarity on Earth… till the next ThankYou, Heartfelt Gratitude is heard. All they need to fully activate is the very mention of Holy Spirit, Gratitude is Us, Faith and Love… its like a play ground of energy expansions each time these words are FELT, Experienced, Practiced, Breathed In…

Breathin In… is how creation receives divine support. Breathing has a purpose that is greater than KEEPING YOU ALIVE ON THE PLANET. That is really the Heart’s Job… Breathing keeps the flow of Thought, received and internal processing, the energies of the feminine receive the thought and place it in the womb of forgiveness with Imagination, that they may become things that the person may experience.

Such is the journey of creation. It is not about DOING it is about BEING… and the world right now, is so busy DOING that BEING is depleting quite rapidly. If all of creation do not focus on BREATHING IN… they are making way for more man created techniques to “in-stall”, that is STOP their INNER Divine Self to stay activated.

Breathing IN… (don’t worry about the pollution or other pesticides man has intelligently created to continue to create medicine you can become “dependent” upon), breathe in anyway… deep breathe in… do not concern yourselves with exhaling for now. This week, since the SONrise on the 16th is a power-filled time to BREATHE-IN the NOW energy. Which is rapidly increasing a sense of “YouAre… Energy”, so important for the transition from the then to the NOW.

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