Practice Power with Imagination Wisdom

Not everything we imagine comes true and in the same breath everything we imagine has the potential to come true. Thank God for Filters, Frequencies and Forgiveness.

I forgive myself and I forgive others, I am FREE to step into Confidence with Imagination Wisdom as I practice Power.

17990890_1313617128737626_2796212786328319579_nToday we step into the guidance of wisdom as we practice “breathingIN” or Practicing Power. Others will seem larger influences on our energy, they are here to assist us focus on the tiny ray of joy coming through the key hole of the door to unlocking the wisdom and confidence power has to offer. Chanced upon this beautiful picture on Emmanuel Dagher’s Page which I am sharing with you. It felt like Wisdom immediately connected to guide. Focus on the key hole… put your Breath Intention on the key hole… the door is HOW you perceive your life… blocked… the key hole is the invitation. You may choose not to open the door yet, if you are not ready  just imagine yourself peeping through the keyhole… Know.Courage… is calling you to re-center your focus, your power, your heart, your solar plexus… on the RAY of JOY! BreatheIn the wisdom and feel confidence grow.

We love how wisdom speaks, maybe this is how she does… gives us the focus and when we DO focus, well our confidence in the NOW grows and so does our awakening. It is a miracle how Wisdom so easily speaks when we are willing to listen. The Brain speaks and sparks with clarity, when she is present within. The brain adores wisdom and the mind knows she’s right… the choice is always to LISTEN IN… to HER.

Feminine energies are non-linear, feeling, emotion, the path. Masculine energies are linear, touch, action, the destination.

Love (Masculine) is the lead energy for the collective Feminine … Feminine Energy evolves in Love through Faith. Gratitude (Feminine) is the lead energy for the collective Masculine… Masculine energy evolves with Gratitude through Power.

Make time today to BreatheIN Power… When you inhale consciously repeat the word, POWER. As you do, feel your heart centered in Trust. Trust the Power of Joy and Clarity of the NOW.



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