Practice Forgiveness with Imagination Love

Breathing in… Inhaling one of the most potent ways to Practice. Breathe in Forgiveness … I tried it last night… felt guided to… I realised, that we often CREATE the CIRCUMSTANCES we need to follow the guidance that comes from within. There will be people who force us to step out of their energy and step into our own… even they have a divine purpose.

Forgiveness is a journey with Divine Mother, when we choose consciously to “Breathe In Her Presence, Presents and Present” we open our heart to trust… we empty ourselves of absence.

Absence, is a gift of AWARENESS!

Absence has always been taught to us, as “missing from”, “not there”… However, it is the WAY to understand that we are NOT IN THE NOW or the PRESENT.

When you feel the absence of Love, our imagination calls forth the AREAS IN WHICH LOVE “feels” absent. Does not mean LOVE is absent, it just means that in this particular moment, with this particular person, thought, emotion, action… we are called to be aware of the Absence of Love.

Today, breathe in Forgiveness Eternal Light, Forgiveness Imagination, Forgiveness Power, Forgiveness Faith, Forgiveness Gratitude, Forgiveness Love, Forgiveness Wisdom, Forgiveness Confidence… Breathe with Focus on your Sacral Chakra. This is where the NOW of your consciousness IS.


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