Easter Blessings! Practice Power is Us with Imagination Gratitude!

In numbers this is a very power-filled day… Reminding us to Practice “Power is Us”. It is also a 1+6 = 7 day … 1 = imagination 6 = Gratitude and 7 = Love. How blessed to have breathe in the NOW!

Here’s wishing you a very Power-Filled Easter Blessing upon your SOUL. May your Soul awaken to the depth of the energies that are on the planet. YOU ARE… Blessed, anointed, raised to be the Soul Reason of the NOW.

May YOU continue to grow in Trust… with Joy and Clarity. May your heart receive this day, that which you most need to both KNOW and understand. It is NOW time for Us… to live the vibration of “YouAre…Created in the image and likeness of Eternal Light”… Accept Knowledge… Acknowledge the inner spirit of you… be the person you were created to be.

Gratitude is WHY and Faith & Love is HOW… And the Spirit of Eternal Light visits you each day, ASK that you may RECEIVE the NOW, in a way that is a TESTIMONY of being a child of the MOST HIGH!



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