Today we welcome “YouAre” Energy!

Tonight, as we step into Practice Power is Us energy… Practice Prayer is releasing another NOW energy GIFT. This energy gift is what will NOW be known as the Second Level of Divine Energy and New Assignments for Angels… tadaa.

“G.RA.C.E” activates You are… Energy. (4 minutes) with the NOW energy expansion of Grace as I shared with you in the Practice Prayer with Imagination Faith post earlier today

To begin to harness you are energy, you begin with Breathing “Grace” with your Throat Chakra (the Home of Forgiveness within your body) As you breathe Grace, Breathe Trust (with your Heart) Joy (with your solar plexus) and Clarity (with your Sacral Chakra)

3 minutes per chakra and WORD… Breathing in the WORD activates its presents and presence within you. So.It.Is

YouAre the activated NOW of Grace choosing to Love and Gratitude as your inner personal trainer for “Allow.Abundance”. The Knew makes way for the NOW. Many people on the planet are asking to be given gifts of grace, here they are for you to be-come the blessings of their presents and presents.

15th : 1+5 = 6 (Gratitude) | 16th : 1+6 = 7 (Love)

Make an appointment to choose “YouAre… Energy” and raise the vibration of Grace of Divine Intervention through you!


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