Practice Prayer with Imagination Faith

Have you ever experienced REAL TIME opportunities with Judas? You know the person who is going to betray you? You can “feel” it in the depth of your heart… and often, this person, is one you would least EXPECT to BE THE ONE.

Trust.Joy.Clarity are the way forward, if we do want to make it through the rest of our journey. Trust, you are Manifest Evolution, here and now. Trust that you have the ability to BE in a relationship with the Creator within YOU. The creator vibration within you, is the DOOR to creation. The creator vibration is a WORD you’re meant to discover, an emotion you most turn to and an action that fills you up with a sense of “YES!”

Make a list of all the Thoughts.Emotions.Actions that most aptly describe you and trust that this is HOW you are going to breathe forward, write these words around you, live and love and nurture them each day. Choose the WORD wisely. When you vibrate with the WORD you manifest it.

My word for over 20 years has been “Gratitude”… even in the worst circumstances, my brain finds something to be grateful for … yes even when I am depressed, I am grateful for being AWARE that I am upset… for being HURT, for being betrayed. I am sharing with you a deep moment of betrayal… which turned into a GIFT OF GRATITUDE by the very essence of Living the WORD.

Prayer is an active conversation with G-d, through the vibration that HOLDS you together.

The key is to spend time with yourself… finding the WORD. Amplifying the word. Including the word. Expanding the word. Living the WORD… and that is HOW the WORD becomes flesh… and dwells.

Imagination Faith… today, heaven is HOLDING a special session, every vibration will be present to receive “Grace” … Grace… I understand is the



Prayer is discovering, HOW to communicate with Divine Intelligence as we ARE.


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