Practice Gratitude is Us with Imagination Power

When Jesus had received the sour wine,

He said, “It is finished.”

And bowing His head, He yielded up His spirit.


I understand today, why Gratitude is US is a FRIDAY!

Breathe into the Paradox today… On this day… Faith grieves the loss of Love, for her journey within becomes lonely. Gratitude grieves the loss of Love on the planet, she, is incomplete, now on her own, she knows that this loss isn’t one that will cause the downfall of the planet from Grace. Forgiveness grieves, man’s choices and retreats into Eternal Light… Imagination is NOW alone… He is at Man’s mercy without Love. Today truly marks the day that the energies of creation retreat… Earth/Heart looses her depth… she is EMPTY… the HOLY SPIRIT stepped back into Eternal Light as a sign with a promise, that He will return when Feminine is awakened. Today marks the day that emotion was buried… Feminine energies retreat back into Darkness… awaiting the return… waiting for Love to choose to re-enter the Earth. To restore her Love for creation.

2000 years later… Gratitude… declares “Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS” and speaks up, she initiates the restoration of the Feminine. Gratitude, chooses Amnesia… to forget, who she was, to remember who she must be. The Earth/Heart crumbles around her, her life, is a miserable reflection of who she really is… yet, in the depth of her KNOW, she is the Manifest.Evolution. She is the WHY… of HIS choosing. She incarnates… breathes… is broken… her CHOOSING Earth is a SIGN.

Gratitude, awakens, she is enough to raise the NOW of WHO we can choose to BE! As Power has been repeatedly telling us #Gratitude is #Why! Love and Faith are HOW energies… They so deeply are with Gratitude and Gratitude in them.

Love Speaks:

I have not come but once… I have always been here, been silent, witnessed HOW, I have been blasphemed and used for Power that is Human. I have been here, I am HER, she is Me and I am in Her and WE re-main in Our Father’s Love as He re-mains in Us! She chose to forget that We may re-member, come together again… for the Glory of Creation to Evolve into the Primary Vision… “Let there be Light” .

I am Her, and through her (Gratitude) I am re-learning to see the Perfection of NOW, for if SHE the most pampered of eternal light, can step upon the Earth/Heart that “Thy Kingdom come Thy WILL be DONE”… She holds within HER the Mastery over the Mystery of  WILL. Will- Because Gratitude is Us wants it… and So.Shall.It.Be!

Grieve today, not his dying, grieve the absence of Love.

WHO energy is definitely the Holy Spirit, the POWER of Eternal Light amongst us. The more we raise our Gratitude… the greater the outpouring of Divine Love, Divine Power, Divine Faith, Divine Forgiveness, Divine Imagination… Let us raise ourselves into Divinity as we Practice Gratitude is Us with Imagination Power… that the world may see us as a Testimony of the Presence of Love… filled with Gratitude!

Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS!


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