Practice Love with Imagination Embrace

Finally, the energies are back up… the Feminine… feels Love today. Her imagination… the deep recess created by her being filled with Lunar wisdom, has opened her up… yesterday wasn’t easy on the emotion. Suffering, I have been given to understand, is the HOW, the feminine energies are hurt/wounded. Each time, we treat each other with anything but Love… we break down the feminine energies.

Imagine for a moment how pained the feminine energies are, when you see how the world is afflicted. It is afflicted by the suppression of Feminine energies. Keeping the Emotion of the world attached to “Pain, afflicting children, hurting emotions, manipulating emotions, afflicting they who are praying, hurting each other” is the way, the Human Masculine energies, are breaking down the feminine energies on the planet. all the incidents we read of are a direct impact of the self-destruction of the Feminine on Earth. When we destroy … we destroy creation itself… we destroy the womb… the place where all creation BE-comes, the created, we experience all around us.

With the Lunar Energies, we experienced YESTERDAY and continue to experience today and for a bit tomorrow… it is exciting news, that the Feminine Energies have awakened, this time with Confidence in the Masculine and with the Masculine. She is BACK and LOVE is her POWER! Love, the twin masculine to Gratitude feminine… is the NOW of the FEMININE… WHY.

Imagination Embrace… that is HOW the Feminine Energies (Increased on Wednesday with Practice Faith) are choosing to write KnewEndings. 

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