Practice Faith with Imagination Forgiveness

If you are experiencing a different energy today, if you’re having a day that feels LOST, know that you are… feeling the Feminine Energy, recalibrate within you. Rest all you must… rest in the deep Allow.Abundance… that your energy is being aligned with the Now Feminine. The FullMoon yesterday was so powerful, that it has cleared the ambiguity of the Masculine excess in your energy. Making you “feel”. Some are feeling elevated… true for them who have dominant Feminine Energies. Then there are those, who have dominant masculine energies.

Today is a good day to Imagine Forgiveness, surround us with her self. Have faith in the rest she recommends… Inhale-Exhale… just choose to RELAX into the NOW. Not easy, ask me.. I am having a treat today, trying to FOCUS… then again… Faith reminds me… to call upon HER… Practice HER and ALLOW.ABUNDANCE of Imagination and Forgiveness… to heal us!


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