Practice Power with Imagination Confidence

Yesterday, we were called to Practice Forgiveness to BEGIN the days of Imagination (Masculine Eternal Light). Today we are called to Practice Power and honour Imagination Confidence… and we’re blessed to celebrate today with FullMoon Wisdom… WOW! This week is getting even more power-filled by the day.

It is natural that when the Alchemy is in Embrace… Remember Alchemy is Faith & Love in Forgiveness and Embrace is Power & Gratitude in Imagination… and we’re now experiencing Trust.Joy.Clarity of Thought.Emotion.Action.

Today as we Practice Power… I am clearly hearing “Breathe Out… Exhale”, everytime you encounter a Thought.Emotion.Action that makes you aware of #Absence of Trust.Joy.Clarity… simply Imagine the WORDS and EXHALE… in this way, you are giving yourself permission on purpose, to release the internal energy you have stored. Our beautiful power-filled (because the day belongs to Practice Power) full-moon, is filled with Wisdom… Yes, the Moon’s energy is filled with Wisdom… wisdom she receives her Eternal Light from Confidence (the sun that we see, is in vibration, confidence and well masculine)

to keep it really simple:

  • Practice Power Exhale… what you want to send out and keep out… think of… exhale.
  • Practice Power Inhale… think of that which you really want… smile… inhale.
  • When we are not consciously breathing… we’re often releasing (exhaling) what we DO want… and receiving (inhaling) what we DO NOT.
  • Today, with the Full-ness of the Moon … focus your Practice Power on EXHALE
  • And with the SUN… imagine all you REALLY WANT and INHALE!

Know.Courage: To remember, when to focus your attention on Inhaling and when to experience exhaling.

Reminds me of a very power-filled line “Pay #Attention Buy #Experience”


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