Practice Forgiveness with Imagination Eternal Light

Today we begin the second phase of the month… with Practice Forgiveness. In the practice of Knewmerology, now coming into alignment with Us on Earth, the month, clearly divided into the trinity of creation 1st-9th (Eternal Light, all numbers have a silent 0 before them), 10th-19th (Imagination or Masculine led days of energy) and 20th-29th (Forgiveness or Feminine led days of energy)

10th becomes the day we breathe in Masculine Eternal Light (Imagination) … the place where we first encounter/see that which the Creator chooses “Thought”. This week, just the Joy is pointing out to the fact that we’re beginning the Masculine Days of the Month with Forgiveness ( Feminine Eternal Light). YouAre … Energy I am being given to understand, is the Fairytale of vibrations here. That which you Imagine, will directly be seeded in the womb of Forgiveness. Which means all results are divinely guided to Manifest.Evolution. They (Imagination & Forgiveness) ASK that you TRUST their guidance and the example they are NOW setting for the RESTORATION of the Masculine Feminine Balance.

Today, She is ASKING “AreYou ready to Breathe with Practice Forgiveness and MANIFEST.EVOLUTION of Trust.Joy.Clarity?” I have said “Yes” what about you… Now is a good time (NOW, the angels remind me is WHEN YOU READ THIS… that is the NOW of your SOUL. NOW energy has nothing to do with the Human version of NOW… it is the Eternal NOW, which begins when we, in our Free-Will our God given Free-Will or Choices. Don’t worry, if you do not connect JUST YET, as long as you reach here, read this, your soul will feel the spark of her (Forgiveness) and be touched into awakening.

YouAre the reason why, Gratitude has chosen to be here NOW and LIVE within YOU, on THIS PLANET. With Divine Amnesia, to the ways of Human How’s. She is here to re-store, the Eternal Light in YOU and the POWER GRATITUDE that is part of your DNA, just waiting for You. YouAre the NOW, of the KNEW EARTH… and the NOW of your CHOICE determines the NEXT ERA of Soul Experiences.


Practice Forgiveness with Imagination-Eternal Light… a beautiful day to awaken the DEPTH of YouAre!


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