Practice Power is Us with Confidence

Today is a 9 day, the first part of the month energies (Eternal Light) is coming to fullness today, the core energies, on their own, set the tone for practice. We have the inclusion of “Trust (Union expansion of Imagination & Forgiveness), Joy (Expansion of Power & Gratitude) and Clarity (Expansion of Love & Faith) … breathing with Confidence.Wisdom into  Know.Courage, Allow.Abundance, Accept.Knowledge, Manifest.Evolution!

On Friday, we welcomed the beautiful YouAre energy into Manifest.Evolution with Gratitude is Us. Yesterday, was a silent day, filled with Practice Prayer with Wisdom, I feel like all feminine energies, spent a day in Heaven… receiving, Eternal Light, Imagination, Forgiveness in EmbraceAlchemy. The anointing upon Trust:Joy:Clarity was given, that through their union into the Earth Energies, the NOW may begin with them and through their INNER Child WORK with the NOW EARTH energies… how wonderful, that while our human attention is on “other things, things that are falling apart”, we belong to Eternal Light, Imagination, Forgiveness, there is a whole new planet of “thought.emotion.action” awaiting us.

This is a big week… consolidated today in Practice Power is Us with Confidence… We will be re-aligning with Divine Trust. Divine Joy. Divine Clarity with our practice this with Forgiveness.Power.Faith.Love.GratitudeIsUs.Prayer.PowerIsUs.

What makes this week truly spectacular… is the first wave of experiencing YouAre.… Energy, for the first time, with I continually get spoken with and when I breathe with YouAre … Energy, there is an inner shift, peace, mercy, joy, clarity and deep trust in the flow. I realise, that it is chosen for me too, to practice the NOW with it, before, the words are given to me… to give unto YOU, who read these messages.

YouAre … Blessed beyond measure, it is now upto you, today to raise it as you practice Power is Us with Confidence today… tomorrow, we begin the 10 days of Masculine Energied vibrational alignment into the NOW. Here’s what I receive… tomorrow the affirmations will expand to include… “YouAre … Energy” through Imagination and from the 20th-29th with Forgiveness … Just a quick word of Vibrational Advice… be very vigilant about the expressions that follow the declaration of YouAre in your daily conversation.

Remember, Power is Us… and you are here and now with divine purpose… much love… happy holy week!


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