Practice Prayer with Wisdom

There is really wonderful news in the realms… as we welcome the YouAre energy into the NOW. “Know…You Are… Manifest.Evolution” This is what we call an energy shift! It is time to understand that when we’re living in the shift of energies, there is a shift in perspective FIRST, this way the Feminine Energies CREATE (shhh… this is how the feminine energies present within Us creates. Remember, we’re equal parts Masculine and Feminine, till we’re single, when we choose a partner, the balance occurs between external masculine and feminine)

I am… is Masculine (Eternal Light, Imagination, Power, Love, Confidence, Know, Allow, Accept,Manifest, Joy) … Trust is the BRIDGE/BALANCE between Imagination & Forgiveness. YouAre …. is Feminine (Forgiveness, Faith, Gratitude, Wisdom, Courage, Abundance, Knowledge, Evolution, Clarity). We do know that Forgiveness is the WOMB of all CREATION, within her all creation takes place… as I write this, I can almost clearly hear her say…


“This is how I create…. YouAre … and the vibration energy begins the journey from… Thought (Imagination) to Emotion (Faith & Gratitude) to Action (Power & Love) before you celebrate the Manifest-Evolution of “Trust with Joy & Clarity”  and you RECEIVE the physical (Tangible) or the perspective (intangible) “next step” of the journey from thought to thing. Remember, the physical attribute is the begins with Imagination.

I (Forgiveness) Know YouAre Manifest Evolution of Thought.Emotion.Action. YouAre the flesh of Allow.Abundance, Accept.Knowledge, Know.Courage, the Manifest Evolution of Thought(imagination) Emotion (Faith & Gratitude) Action ( Power & Love) of Eternal Light beginnings… it is NOW time for you to declare YouAre. Sow.It.Is.

I give unto you the WISDOM to CREATE on Earth as I create in Heaven…. and this shall be the GIFT OF YouAre … Today All I ask is for YOU to ASK for Wisdom in and with Prayer… and breathe her into your NOW, with Faith & Gratitude. Allow.Abundance of her presence to fill you. Remember, that which you are receiving today, is ENERGY/Vibration/Emotions to be able to understand YouAre part of the NOW, you are awakening to the inner WISDOM. Today celebrate your EMOTIONS, without ACTION, the EMOTION with which you CREATE is FEMININE… so choose wisely, don’t ACTION anything today, just allow.abundance … trust… joy & clarity to align you to YouAre… Wisdom and PRACTICE PRAYER WITH WISDOM”


The I am… makes place for YouAre…

I am …. the energy that IS the cause of imbalance between Masculine and Feminine, thus a lot of what is occurring, is a result of “going it alone”, also leads to the impression that a FEW have the privilege and the rest of us are at their mercy… that has definitely changed. I am… energy is beautiful when you match the energy with Emotion.Action.

YouAre… allows you to include the wisdom of collective/union energy to channel through your life to the lives of others. Also, helps you understand and welcome your dominant energy into fullness within.

Practice YouAre Prayer with Wisdom, fills me with Joy and opens my heart to Clarity… and so I begin to TRUST.

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