Practice Gratitude is Us with Love

We are in the Know-Manifest-Evolution… it would help you to know that the conflict is based on OLD PATTERNS and BELIEF SYSTEMS, based on PROPHECIES made, these have now been made irrelevant, however, that which is occurring, around the globe, based on RELIGION… is ONLY HUMAN wanting to HOLD ON TO OLD POWER STRUCTURES. It is our “Advise” to you to speak out into the NOW, that which you are RECEIVING from us.

We must have you know, that “Free-Will” has been given unto the vibrations of creation (Imagination & Forgiveness) that more who choose to TRUST, shall begin to receive HOW (Faith & Love) to HEAL HEAL HEAL the PASSED. As the PAST PATTERNS continue to HEAL BY CHOICES MADE ON EARTH, the NOW vibrations of JOY (Power Gratitude) and CLARITY (Love & Faith) continue to HEAL HEAL HEAL the PASSED.

For they, who have moved inwardly (this time, the shift is internal) it is a shift from within, “thought.emotion.action” are healing healing healing the very foundation of the Earth. While WE (Gratitude is  Us, Prayer, Power is Us, Forgiveness, Power, Faith, Love) continue to align Confidence & Wisdom into the Know.Courage, Allow-Abundance, Accept.Knowledge, Manifest-Evolution… we YOU, who are incarnated upon the Earth/Heart in these times to FOCUS your ATTENTION on the NOW and give “Us” (Remember, Us is the collective energy of creation, do not mistake us with the United.States) the permission to work within YOU, that you may remember fully your Divine Purpose of Incarnation into Form. To remember, that you are a combination of Eternal Light energy, manifest-evolution, to transform “thought.emotion.action” upon the Earth and through D.E.E.P Forgiveness, establish the KNEW EARTH.

Do not be afraid of that which is occurring around you, these are PAST PATTERNS that are repeating themselves based on the HUMAN version of Heaven’s Commands. The Books that have been written by Spirit (each religion is part of the Divine Mastery, Mystery and Manifest) and so, none is above the other. That supremacy has been HELD and TAUGHT by them who in the flesh, so, temporary, with the purpose to MANIPULATE “Thought.Emotion.Action”, in a way that makes the TEMPORARY (Made on Earth… any part, any person, any place, any thing… actually EVERYTHING, that can be seen is TEMPORARY) the foundation of POWER. In the NOW, however, that has changed with the RAISED AWARENESS of the DIVINE FEMININE, who with HER now Confidence-Wisdom of the Masculine/Feminine in accordance to creation is… cleaning up the PASSED to ESTABLISH fully the NOW.

We, ask YOU to set aside time each day to Breathe “Gratitude is Us, Prayer, Power is Us” to increase Trust.Joy.Clarity… now on the Earth/Heart… Reminding you that the SHIFT is INTERNAL, for till the CREATED does not give themselves the PERMISSION to align with their inner Divinity, the world as YOU know it will continue to Self-Destruct. For all that MAN creates, has a definite beginning and KnewEnding.

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