Practice Love with Gratitude

We all want Love to show up and take over… so, we spend most of our lives discovering “I want to know what love is”… and that is where the Paradox is. “To align with Love… the easiest path,” says Gratitude, “Is to Know WHO Love is.”

Love is not a human person, yet love is HOW a Human Person makes you feel. Don’t confuse LOVE as sold to you by “people”, let Love meet you, in your understanding of people.

To Practice Love… Accept Gratitude Knowledge of your immediate “thought.emotion.action”. Today as I write, everything is distracting me, new thoughts flood my mind about relationships and this is wonderful… or distracting… Practice Love…. is sometimes accepting the knowledge that the person who is perfect for you, isn’t packaged that way, with a purpose. For you to discover what Love is not…

Love is not perfect. Love is not faultless. Love knows no rules. Love allows no boundaries. Love is Free Flowing energy of choice… and you know LOVE IS PRESENT… when you see the imperfections with a smile… and still cannot get your eyes off him. Love does not speak often… yet, you know HIM in the way He looks at YOU. Love speaks in sentences that begin with YOU.

So, when you hear, YOU are… , and feel a deep sense of belonging/Gratitude… it is quite definitely LOVE leading the moment of NOW.

In an experience I had, with Faith yesterday, I put aside my “Fears” and stepped in… stepped in with the Thought.Emotion.Action … Practice Faith with Faith, I understood it wasn’t about my human perspectives or perceptions, it really was all about… Allow.Abundance of the NOW to communicate with me, the NOW of the Trust.Joy.Clarity. “I am so proud of YOU, just so proud of you” stuck in my head, I learnt new reasons why I should trust the joy I felt… with our conversation came CLARITY. And Detachment followed, I stopped seeing the WAS and experienced the NOW with Faith, firmly, dissolving the past experience and inviting my ATTENTION to the NOW of the MOMENT. So, beautiful, really.

Today as I practice Love with Gratitude, breathing into the NOW with Trust.Joy.Clarity… I see HOW, all that IS NOW, is perfectly aligned to signs I once asked for, my ASKING has been responded to, I needed a SIGN, I have a whole universe of “Thought.Emotion.Action”, that allow.abundance of “to LOVE and BE-Loved, Beloved”. The more Gratitude shows me HOW Love is PRESENT, the more LOVE I am able to NOTICE. The situation may not be PERFECT, yet, Love is… and Love is enough… to increase Faith, Gratitude and Forgiveness.

The greatest Joy is Clarity… Gratitude is WHY and Love is HOW


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