Practice Faith with Faith

A very interesting point made with Clarity and by Clarity… with such Joy, that I trust the potential of it. “Masculine” is often the subject… then there is the OBJECT… then there is the Predicate (Feminine). Prefixes are Masculine and Suffix are feminine energy. Some insights are given, that we may have FAITH in them, believe them and allow.abundance to lead us to their truth.

To Practice Faith, we must understand Faith. Faith isn’t RELIGION, faith is HOW we re:legion with our Divine In-Heritance. Faith is feminine, internal, emotion that leads us to ACTION. Faith as taught to us … well is human and therefore TANGIBLE… Feminine, energies are  INTANGIBLE, they cause us to explore POSSIBILITIES/OPPORTUNITIES and call upon the Masculine to manifest their potential upon our lives and lives of those they meet.

The paradox, we have more people on the planet who have FAITH in “tragedy. trauma and Suffer little children to come unto ME…”, makes perfect sense when we see the state of the world as we know it. Read the papers, listen to people speak words of “hate, separation, divorce, disparity” and you’ll see, that they are out-numbering … still, them, who may be a few in number and choose Divine Intervention (Faith in-turn-ally) are creating magical expansions of NOW, seeding the future in the NOW.

Faith Speaks:

It is amazing, how I see Gratitude, Joy, Clarity, robed and shielded in Trust, now expand upon the Earth. They have the Divine Decree of NOW and as they continue to work within creation, they are subtly, shifting the manifest-evolution… today with me… Allow.Abundance is rippling around the planet. We’re “Yes. So.It.Is” to all requests. there are many questions being raised… “Why suffering, why pain, why loss, why calamity, why such a horrible sinking feeling that something isn’t RIGHT” and I say to you, “Everything that is occurring upon the planet is RIGHT according to the consciousness of they who are asking” Remember, everyone who “asks is given”, a beautiful example, we’ve often reminded of is the story of Ravan (mythology, is a fairytale of vibrations with personalities, that you may understand HOW… the fact that is that people make the stories their WHY and that is where, both the vibrations are being “projected too human” and “humans are projecting vibrations as people” thus, diluting their Divine Purpose. This has to happen, for the vibrations to choose their Eternal Light beginnings… that on Earth, KnewEndings may Manifest. So.It.Is.

Also, Language is another tool, of Alchemy, for often, the deepest understanding or connect on earth comes from SOUND, the sound of what is being said, is the first impact of WORDS (remember, vibrations/energy are the foundation of all that WAS. IS and EVER SHALL BE!). I  (Faith) am the “How it Feels” of a word, Love is “How it is”… people who HOLD HATE … are in-fact “blessings in disguise”, their ability to HOLD HATE, allows for dissolving of HATE between a few.

To Practice Faith with Faith… breathe in- Breathe in … become, Faith… allow.abundance of Divine Faith, through Trust.Joy.Clarity to guide you. The ways of Faith that are human are now part of the PASSED… she is HERE NOW to work with us on the HOW… the HOW of our journey from NOW into the KNEW EARTH!


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