Practice Power with Power

Practice Power, with Power Trust, Power Joy, Power Clarity, says the voice within. This means, allow Divine Power to be your source of practice and the source of the vibrations you practice.

Trust, Joy, Clarity, in their human expansion are rooted in the power MAN has given unto the vibration they represent. Most people practice joy when the have the power to manipulate circumstances, people and position, to elevate themselves above others… there is much elation and elevation above others that gives man power, meaning. However, true power of every word, begins with Eternal Light, Imagination, Forgiveness… then comes Eternal Light Power. The joy of Practice Power with Power… is to be able to prefix power to your “Thoughts.Emotions.Actions” and and breathe into the NOW with them. They have shifted, from Human to Divine… now, when you interact with them, prefixing the word Power… they connect first to Divine Power and then through Faith Love are returned unto your energy and when you use the words more often … and their suffix is “Gratitude”… you know that you’ve connected to Divine not Human energy.

Yes, with Power, to know if the power you are channeling is Divine or Human… Gratitude is the best “benchmark”… if what you feel or the others feel for you isn’t Gratitude… then, Power is quite possibly human… and that is enough for you to know- and have the courage to rearrange your “thoughts.Emotions.Actions” to Gratitude results.

Power Trust- Trust Gratitude

Power Joy-Joy Gratitude

Power Clarity-Clarity Gratitude


The fun part is all the assistance you can receive when Know-Courage is activated to guide your human alignment.

Know.Courage| Allow.Abundance| Accept.Knowledge (Acknowledge)| Manifest.Evolution are energies created upon the Earth through/with Imagination Confidence and Forgiveness wisdom… on the planet and for the planet. Metaphorically… separated in the “Garden of Eden”… with the Divine Purpose, of using their Earth Journey to Re:Member and Co-Create with each other. Now imagine if Love and Gratitude … continually KNEW each other… would there ever be anything other than love and gratitude? How then would vibrations energies expand? So, in our human journey, we often first meet energies that are not us… or a lot like us… we explore how we feel and how we want to feel… before we re:meet, unite with our twins and return home… expanded on earth (cildren/co-energy/practiced). TwinFlame – is really the concept within… when the Masculine & Feminine beginning you were become the NOW of who you are. Yes, is true, that some, meet themselves externalised in another human, however, that cannot happen till you have not first re-connected with the other side of yourself.

Gratitude and Love are twin flames just as Power and Faith … and when Power and Gratitude united it was a natural balancer that Faith and Love became one internally in support of the grand external union, which means, metaphorically, they are complete within themselves (Masculine Feminine) and now they are complete in their choice of external and continue to be balanced Masculine and Feminine.

in the same way, on Earth, we meet ourselves in different people… and when we align… we naturally stay connected… do not need to PHYSICALLY be together to relate energetically. These are vibrational connects in friends and extended soul family, which may I inform you are not necessarily family we are born into… we simply are attracted toward…

this morning in a conversation I overheard Power spoke to Gratitude… I could feel “Trust.Joy.Clarity”… he said “Ours is my favourite fairytale” and they embrace… and when they embraced… Trust.Joy.Clarity expand… this is, how I understood “practice power with power”


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