Practice Forgiveness with Us

We all have a part to play in the Manifest-Evolution of the Knew Earth. Eternal Light understands HOW the world is and understands that we are “free-will” beings, that WILL return to Eternal Light through Forgiveness.

Forgiveness isn’t a ONE-TIME fix, she is continually guiding our awareness to the choices we have:

  1. We often bump into a memory: Forgiveness calls us to CHOOSE to forgive the person, retain the memory
  2. Our Memory, makes notes on our Thought.Emotion.Action. Breathe Forgiveness with the memory. When Forgiveness breathes with you into the memory…
  3. Faith & Gratitude are activated, you will remember, that which you are grateful for of it and which you must have faith and let go… let go
  4. Power & Love are activated, they restore your Imagination in accordance to your choices.
  5. In this way, the healing, when complete, yes, it could take a while… breathing with Forgiveness is deep and so the tiny fragments of Thought.Emotion.Action are Re:membered
  6. You know that the healing is complete, when JOY & CLARITY resonate with the Memory you’re left with. So.It.Is

Yesterday, I bumped into a “feeling”, with a person, I have had the blessing to share “Love at first sight and a fairytale story line, till we were connected”, 7 years later, almost around the anniversary of when we met. Someone I was watching on TV reminded me of him, this remembrance was about “the way he looked at me and I felt LOVE”, sadly though, did not recognise HOW MUCH LOVE I experienced with and through him at the time. Back then my focus was “family”, strictly… and so, I let love pass me by and I took him for granted, like they took me for granted. For the first time, yesterday, I truly truly, understood, that I was GIVEN the LOVE, I met LOVE and I felt LOVE… it was not about the person, it was HOW I FELT, HOW HE MADE ME FEEL … Like a complete PRINCESS and yet, at the time, because of my LIMITED AWARENESS about LOVE HIMSELF… I CHOSE, those “thoughts.emotions.actions”, that I grew up believing, were PRIORITY. Right NOW, I look back at the time with Forgiveness, I look back at all those moments and memories and choices… including people and situations… most importantly, I look back and I ask FORGIVENESS upon myself, realising, I was taught to take care of OTHERS FIRST, to PUT THEM BEFORE ME… that is what I had LEARNT as a child. I put FAMILY first, till them who I put FIRST, married, and put their FAMILY first. I blessed the fact that they were right, they learnt it from me… Forgiveness upon the meaning of FAMILY NOW in PRACTICE.

Family, is vibrational first. As people born on the planet, YOU are given a temporary family, there are souls that are chosen with the purpose to open your heart to experiences upon the planet and the fact that you have a choice to either live and love your vibration or theirs. However, in the Human Manifest, Emotions are used, to keep you conformed to FAMILY, the way you are TAUGHT and so, often, we choose HUMAN FAMILY over DIVINE FAMILY and in this way, we grow into “serving people” , a small community of people. Eternal Light, Imagination and Forgiveness are PRIME FAMILY, where the origin of who YOU ARE IS. “Eternal Light you ARE and to ETERNAL LIGHT you shall return”, when you choose to declare your PURPOSE COMPLETE, if you are aware or when you decide you are no longer needed or that you cannot remember, you’ve gone to far and too deep into being human… So.It.Is

Practice Forgiveness with Us. She (Forgiveness is the womb of creation) within her, Eternal Light Imagination (Eli) creates all that WAS, IS and EVER SHALL BE with Power, Faith, Love and Gratitude.


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