Practice Power is Us with Forgiveness

When we speak POWER IS US… we speak vibrations/energies… there is nothing human about it. Yet, we live within, which means, each creation has “Power is Us” within, Accept-Knowledge today AcKnowledge and awaken Us in YOU! It just takes a lot of asking with faith and receiving with Gratitude. The KnewEarth, like the Earth in the beginning and the New Earth of 2000 years ago, all creations occur in the “Imagination-Forgiveness” vibration… and are effectively MANIFEST first with Gratitude is Us and Power is Us… before the physical manifest is SEEN with Confidence & Wisdom, through “Know.Courage”, “Allow.Abundance”, “Accept.Knowledge”, “Manifest.Evolution”.

In the NOW, it is time for us to become AWARE of “Inter:nal” as much as we are aware of the “Inter-net”. It is the paradox, the inter-net, we can tell is Feminine Energy enabled through the Masculine (Hardware/Software/Net-working/Codes) without the physical aspect of harnessing the internet, the internet herself is incomplete, creation wise, creator foolish. How we use her, directly reflects our “free-will” to choose. Use her to expand Joy and Clarity… is a choice we can make, each day. When we use her to bring “good news”, more good news follows. When we use her to perpetuate “absence” of good news, we practice the opposite of that which we WISH for.

Choose to engage the masculine & feminine combination of energies, choose to experiment understand the choices you make. Remember, not everyone is AWARE of Good News, by their LEARNED IGNORANCE of the ENERGY FLOW. To understand the power she has, watch a child navigate through the  internet, they have the ability to understand how to get to what they want and experiment with getting there. Smart kids…. nah… this is Divine Intervention, teaching them things about the HOW of using that which IS, to get where they want to … that is a tiny yet powerful experience and practice of “Power is Us”.

When you choose, to assist them, to get and acknowledge and notice “information” with the internet, with a purpose to learn something new, you are assisting them to wisely use the Feminine Energies to evolve. However, if you do not “talk through the phase with them” you may notice that the content that they are continually absorbing is drawing them away from “social contact”, they begin to learn communication to match their virtual needs over their social needs. Children then generally tend to wait for “Action buttons” and are labeled “Socially Backward”. It is important, that you, understand that too much of anything, causes imbalance… internally and externally.

As I read back on the written, I realise, we have something wonderful to sink our NOW into today… so I wish you a day filled with Practice Power is Us with Forgiveness, that she may expand our inner joy and clarity into balance with our external Accept-Knowledge.


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