Practice Prayer with Imagination

Match the NOW energy with April Fool’s and you have a winner. I have smiling since, Joy & Clarity, were gifted to my awareness by Love. They are just beautiful inner guides that can debate!

Bumped into a situation, where I experienced “Gratitude is Us” with anger… caught myself smiling… and getting on with what needed to be done… that was Clarity in action. Then came the JOY of completing a job. What we may witness, this month, is the second wave of energies, that are expanded or manifest-evolution of the first wave of the now. These energies are co-created from the union of masculine and feminine and therefore, are created both masculine and feminine. Someone asked me about OPPOSITES, to joy there is sorrow, and so, how do we balance sorrow. It is given unto me, that sorrow is the absence of the awareness of joy. So, there is either Joy or the absence of him. Sorrow is a word coined by humans to accept-knowledge of the lack of joy and learn to live without joy. Seriously, what were they thinking.

The EnergiesThe Energies 0It is interesting to understand, that, every thought/word has a purpose. The next time you experience what you identify as sorrow… Allow.Abundance of prayer to draw your attention to “Absence of Joy” in this way, as you practice, you’ll become aware that “Absence” of a certain vibration is an “Opportunity” to ASK in prayer for alignment. Sounds simple… is tricky, because, in the moment of the absence we’re not aware of the “thought.emotion.action” we are simply drawn into the absence and our “thought.emotion.action” reflect the absence, instead of calling us into the NOW of understanding that we can ASK!

I am leaving you on this beautiful day with an illustration of the shift in energies IN ACTION now and I hope they speak to you as they do to me. For they know their purpose and they know there purpose in your life.


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